okay this is my first
time using this and before i start anything i just wana say hi! ok i’m
a bit hyper……ADD rulez! lol ok i luv my boyfriend (duh!) and we’re
really in tune with eachother and we’re alot alike. almost everything
he’s done or is doing i’ve done at some point…..it’s weird but cool
cause i can help him and stuff šŸ™‚ i am totaly obsessed w/my boyfriend
and i’m cool w/it kuz he’z myn and he’z lyk my best friend! i luv’em so
much and Steven if you’re readin this i just wana say i luv u baby and
i’m glad i’m ur gf i’ll neva cheat on u eva :-*!!! i’ll try to keep
this thing as updated as i can but it’s hard 4 me kuz i gutz lotza
stuff i do. like post at least once a day on the Abyss and speaking of
which it’s Saturday and I need to post 3 posts soooooo i’m gonna get on
that ttyl pplz šŸ™‚ luv u babe (if u can read this…)