gess what?! Friday (Jan 21st) wuz Steve’s (my boyfriend’s) birthday! he
didn’t go to skewl that luky duck! so i called him as soon as i got
home from skewl kuz i really wanted to talk to my sweety well we set it
up so i’d go over his house well i did ur not gonna believe this but we
watched a movie (Without A Paddle) and it rocked! well the first maybe
5-10 minutes i wuz sorta kuddlin him ^_^ i wuz layin on him so i could
see…it was soooooo sweet i luved it but i don’t think Stevey 
liked it that much… i luved it tho…i
wish i knew what 2do to make him happy like he duz for me…well i
ended up stayin till 10 it wuz wicked l8&cold! that rocked then
saturday he called me and i ended up over his house again well i only
stayed till like 5 kuz i wanted to have the dinner mi mom wuz makin (it
wuz really good!) but b4 i left i went into his sister’s room he
followed and he wuz standin by da door and i hugged him b4 i left the
room and i gave’em a quick kiss on the cheek and he kissd me baq and i
hugged him real tight den i left but it was sooooooo sweet! ^_^ i luv
him tunz&i hope he luvz me too…i think i wuz a bit harsh on him
saturday tho 😦 :- ttyl pplz!


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