ok 2day in readin i cheated on a quiz
w/Stevez warmup paper he let me look at and he used it too! i 
gave him a peck on the cheek sed ty and all that good stuff…

2day i went to mi first General Music class itz mad gay! the 9/11 thing
she’s doing is gonna put me to sleep! im gunna miss Coach Merchant and
Joey, Josh, Ross, Amanda, Hannah, and the kid w/da long hair…i tink
hiz name iz Alan…duno…anywayz im gunna mizz it kuz i liked just
sittin ther 4 a period…nice way to wake up ect…mi board’s up and
running http://s3.invisionfree.com/The_Jelly_Forum/index.php? i ges im
supposed to put other stuffz on it but sofar i give up on fixerating

omg Tate iz  soooooooooooooooooooo gay shez a constant pain in the
ass durin history wit her long explinations she soundz lyk shez fourty
or sumtin gay ass like dat! dude shez a whale too…;) shez in sped but
shez wicked smart! vile idiots must revolt againzt the smartass
blubber! lol ok that’z just the sugar talkin but the point is she needz
sugar! dea’z no freakin fun w/her itz just confuzion and a pissed off
mr marshall who smellz funny and needz a jello mold on hiz head! i wana
stick jello in hiz ear ^_~ lol it soundz fun but daz besides the point!

newayz…. on dat fine note…o i got Devin in trubl! yay! lolz i wuZ
talkin trash on msn back n forth w/Devin and a couple of hiz crack
happy friends and not hez in trubl kuz of the “High Rated Content”
thingy hiz parentz saw…not good shit there…ok i officialy have a
low karma…damn retrobutions are really starting to chap my ass…

the Valentinez Day dance iz coming up and Stevey’z not goin  i wana go w/him kuz i tink i figured out the dancing bit but he wont’ go “it’z boring!” 
i really wana dance w/him but therz just no gettin it tru to him but i
gotz an idea see our 1 year aniversary is comming up and i hope and
think there might be a dance and i no i’ll get him to go to dat i can
be quite “persuasive” when i feel like it ehh…i try…i luv him i really do but i wish he’d just go to the freakin dance…

were gonna do our science project soon…Feb vacation iz wen…i wish
hed agree w/me more! for a 13 yr old he certaintly don’t act it
i ges ill just tay home…*sigh* another nite alone…i wnda if were
gonna do sumtin 4 Valentines Day…probsbly no…same as usual… sumtimez i wunda y i try…


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