me&Steve went to the Silver City Galleria Mall in Taunton…it wuz
fun and i spent about 12$ in candy at this one place and we got in
trubl kuz Steve accidently spilled like 5-6 jellybeans on the floor and
Steve got wicked hyper after…i’ve learned something very valuable
about him…never give him a large amount of sugar! heh it’s tru tho he
wuz bouncin off the walls! it wuz nuts! we also went to Target and
Steve got some Yu-Gi-Oh! thingy…i helped him put it 2gether and we
spent the rest of the night here on the compz…it wuz fun at the mall
and stuff but when we got back here he wuz wicked hyper…
i wuz hoping to get a couple beanie babys at the mall but instead i
just got one…i wana get a piggy or a pink monkey for Steve for
Valentines Day next week… we probably won’t go to the dance Friday
either…my mom moved the office a bit she took the fake wooden fileing
cabinet and put it near the window behind me and sooner or later i’m
gonna get a shelf to put my CD Writer&Scanner on and i mire put my
Joystick up there too…i haven’t used it in years and i duno if i even
have any games i can use w/it…hmmmmm… i am really currious about
goin to the dance tho…he sez itz borin but ive been beggin him 2go
and i reminded him about him oweing me a dance/2 i can’t w8 till the dance! (i hope he wont be super hyper! )


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