i gut a monkey for V-day 2day and a cute little fake rosey thing from Steve i tried to kiss’em on da lipz but i failed…
o well…the monkey’s super cute tho and the rose’s got a kissy inside
but i duno how to unwrap it and get it…probably just as well kuz its
pretty&i don’t wana destroy it…wen i kissed him he didn’t kiss me
back but he turned to me a widdle bit…i wish i kud make him feel the
way i do when he kisses/hugs/duz that stuff for me…

the dance suked majorly…Steve wudn’t dance w/me and i gut majorly
pissed…i cried for like an hour when i gut home…i duno y he wudn’t
dance w/me tho…probably Devin’ll do something stupid like try to get
Steve to grab my butt or Steve can’t dance (like me) and just don’t
wana get embarrased or nuttin…w/e the case it still stung…


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