Steve&i worked on our projects today at mi
house…booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnng! i may go to Steve’s house after
skewl 2morow…

Steve sed he’z not ready for the kissy crap…i tink he’z full of crap
but daz just me…he sed Hannah asked him out again…i duno what i sed
but it got around to the subject of breaking up (daz wen he told me
about Hannah…) well he sed he “it doesn’t matter Hannah asked me out
again so…” im kinda losing the wub thing wit that sed…he sed he’d
call me l8a aaaaaaand maybe i’ll remember and bring it up… im not getting a warm fuzzy about this…i’m really not…

he told me bout pplz askin him if he really kissed me or not and all
that crap i took it out of my AIM profile and i guess i have to take it
out of this one…(or i’ll just rip Xanga out of my pro entirely )
i really do think it’s gonna end soon though, even if it does at least
it won’t be so bad because i did see it coming…even now it may be
hard to get over but…i think i’ll be okay…


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