I guess stuff’s alright w/Steve&me now…duno for a fact
tho…nothing much has been happening anyways and April’s coming soon
*thank god!* and our aniversary’s coming fast…I’m gonna have to do
something for it tho…I can’t let it just go by…then again i
could…wouldn’t make much differnce to him
ugh…i’ve been eating a lot lately and my tummy hurts…figures…i
let Steve *KY Steve* see my pic…actually 3rd grade pic but w/e it’s
still me…i duno if he saw it and if not that’ll be a good thing i
guess… stuff’s really starting to suck
though liiiiiiike Steven never sez i luv u or anything anymore and…i
just don’t feel the same stuff anymore…when he duz say he luvs me
it’s kinda quick and realy quiet…eventually i’m gonna have to let him
go but for now i just wana hold’em…just till stuff’ll even out…i
told him bout what’d happen if we’d break up and i think that’s the
only reason why i’m still his girlfriend at this point…


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