this happened 4-9 which i tawt ment Steve broke up with me which he didn’t but here it is

LoVeYoUbAbY12192: hey babe! 🙂 :-*
DarkMagician5c: hi
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: wut’cha doin?
DarkMagician5c: talkin to u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: lol ^_^ same…listening to music tooo
DarkMagician5c: wow
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: what?
DarkMagician5c: nothin >:o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: sorry…
DarkMagician5c: b hdfvrhj
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: what’s da matter?
DarkMagician5c: u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: …u gonna start bitching at me again?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: if so hold on…i’d like to get a drink before i do that…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: *u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i had chinese ^_^ my dad came home
DarkMagician5c: o wow ty for calling me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: baq
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: w8 i tawt u were gonna call me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: :-0
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: oooo babi i’m so srry!!!!!!!! 😦
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: 😥
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i was busy and i thought u said u were gonna call me…
DarkMagician5c: bullshit
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: babe im srry…i was doin mags with my mom i didn’t hear u right…
DarkMagician5c: o please
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i was dropping them left and right at the pharmacy
and u called me as i was picking some up and they went everywhere…ugh
im so srry hunny
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: …i really am
DarkMagician5c: bull shit
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i really was
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: u know i do mags with my mom
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: the delivery came in thursday night around 6 my mom
and i weren’t about to go out and do them so we had to do them Friday
DarkMagician5c: who cares uu are so forgetful
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i thought you were gonna call me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: …i could barely hear you
DarkMagician5c: o please save it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: hun i really am sorry…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i don’t do this to you when u forget to call
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: and you’ve forgoten plenty of times
DarkMagician5c: o please u suck
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: babe i’m serious
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i’m sorry what do you want me to do?
DarkMagician5c: nothin u for get way to much i;ve bin waiting all day for u tocall me im so pissed off right now
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: hun i was wating 4u 2 call
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: >:o
DarkMagician5c: its
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: ugh…well u want me to ask if maybe u could come over now?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i might be able to have you come over if you promiss
to be quiet kuz my dad’s probably gonna be sleeping in his chair or
sumtin like that
DarkMagician5c: nope too late now ass hole
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: 😥
DarkMagician5c: >:o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: “Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
it was hard to find
Don’t matter what I say only what I do
I never mean to do bad things to you
so quiet but i finally woke up
if you’re sad then it’s time you spoke up too”
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: Fastball…song’s Out of my Head
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: read…plz?
DarkMagician5c:  hbhdbcjewbcjrbhvbrhregbfyherufbuwbvu3e
DarkMagician5c: nope
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: come on…what do you want me to do now?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i forgot…you do too…i’m only human i’m not perfect
DarkMagician5c: i dont care about a song just admittit u for get way to much
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i do but i never try to…
DarkMagician5c: yeah right
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i’ll do anythign

I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don’t have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It’s beyond my control
I’ve waited so long to say this to you
If you’re asking do I love you this much
Well I do
DarkMagician5c: wow 😉
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: well it’s tru
DarkMagician5c: yeah right
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: u think i listen to 98* for no good reason?!
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: …i used to years ago…i remember the song and it always makes me remember u…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: *now it duz…i didn’t d8 u when i was 7  *
DarkMagician5c: bs
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: what do you want me to do?
DarkMagician5c: brb
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: ok
DarkMagician5c: baq

LoVeYoUbAbY12192: k
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: well…have u decided what yet?
DarkMagician5c: wat?

LoVeYoUbAbY12192: what do you want me to do to prove im srry
DarkMagician5c: theres nothin u can do
DarkMagician5c: its done and over wit
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: babe just give me the bloody chance
DarkMagician5c: for wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: to prove i do care…
DarkMagician5c: u dont care thats y
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: y do u think i do what i do 4u?
DarkMagician5c: wat do u do
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: giving u the extra dollar taking you to the movies
gettin you something for your birthday…i do it kuz i luv u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: as much as you regret facing the fact that i luv u u gotta admit i wouldn’t do it if i didn’t care…
DarkMagician5c: :-
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: you stilll think i don’t care?
DarkMagician5c: >:o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: even after all of that…if not…Hannah’ll be waiting for u on monday probably…go bark up her tree
DarkMagician5c: wat are u talkin bout
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: if you still don’t believe that i care just leave
me…but don’t say i never cared cause it’s a load of shit…i do
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i do love you…and i’ll do anything to prove it to you…
DarkMagician5c: ok prove it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: well i can’t do it over the computer…but if you
name something for me to do…i’ll do it…or i’ll make an attempt
anyways…i don’t know if i’ll be able to but i’ll try it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i’ll try anything for you
DarkMagician5c: o j forget  it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: no
DarkMagician5c: yeah
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i’m not gonna…i’m gonna prove it…if you will let
me do it the way i want to i’ll prove to you i love you…cause i
do…and i’m not gonna stop just because i forgot to call ONCE
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i only wanna be with you
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: please…
DarkMagician5c: y i thought u liked devin and derrick
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i hate Devin now…he’s such an ass and Derrick
barely talks to me…you’re the only one who’s ever cared about me…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i don’t wanna lose you…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: when im with u i’m always happy…i never get left out
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: the first time u kissed me…the first time u hugged
me…i was so happy…i drove Joey nuts telling him about it…i was so
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i felt for the first time what it’s like to be in luv…i don’t want that feeling to go away…
DarkMagician5c: how come i didnt knwo that g2g maybe ill talk to u lata
DarkMagician5c: bye
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i thought you already knew
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: …by…luv ya…
DarkMagician5c: i didnt bye
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: and im sorry…
DarkMagician5c: bs
DarkMagician5c: >:o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: please…don’t…
DarkMagician5c: wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: don’t leave me…please? i’ll try to make things better
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: i promiss
DarkMagician5c: i g2g ttyl maybe
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: please tlak to me later…
DarkMagician5c: i dunno ill think about when i come on lata
DarkMagician5c: by
DarkMagician5c: bye
LoVeYoUbAbY12192: byue 😥

and this is us 4-13 he was gonna call here’s online crap after

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:48:39 PM):  anyways…hey u were gonna call me
what for? *if ya’ll ready told me why sorry but I don’t remember*
DarkMagician5c (6:49:08 PM): forget
DarkMagician5c (6:49:29 PM):
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:49:39 PM): me forget it or u forget?
DarkMagician5c (6:50:18 PM): i dint forget i just dont want to tell u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:50:30 PM): oi we gonna go through this again?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:50:47 PM): 
DarkMagician5c (6:51:01 PM): go throught wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:51:10 PM): the secret thing?
DarkMagician5c (6:51:24 PM): wat secret
DarkMagician5c (6:51:29 PM): ?

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:51:55 PM): u have a secret you drive me nuts about it and it turns out to be nothing again? 
DarkMagician5c (6:52:19 PM): wat are u talking about
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:52:33 PM): never mind…
DarkMagician5c (6:52:50 PM): u are goin crazy
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:54:09 PM): no ur driving me crazy  but i luv ya…
DarkMagician5c (6:54:40 PM): so i drive u crazy a its ova
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:55:26 PM): u serious?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:55:40 PM): if u gonna end it end it at least over the phone…
DarkMagician5c (6:55:48 PM): y
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:55:58 PM): then i’ll actually know you’re for real
DarkMagician5c (6:56:18 PM): k hold on
DarkMagician5c (6:58:04 PM): baq
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:58:25 PM): ooook
DarkMagician5c (7:00:13 PM): so are u ova or wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:00:30 PM): if u gonna break up with me do it over the phone…
DarkMagician5c (7:00:40 PM): Y
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:01:07 PM): i wanna know u actually did before i go get pissed and u break my heart again for no reason
DarkMagician5c (7:01:32 PM): wat do u mean for no reason
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:02:27 PM): …last time u really didn’t break up
with me…i’d gotten pissed and i thought u were horrible for no
reason…that’s why i was mad at you on Monday…
DarkMagician5c (7:02:50 PM): o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:03:03 PM): i don’t wanna do that again
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:03:09 PM): …
DarkMagician5c (7:03:42 PM): was i the 1 who made u do that
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:03:55 PM): yeah
DarkMagician5c (7:04:12 PM): wat do u think of a hannah
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:04:21 PM): huh?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:04:52 PM): which Hannah and what did u just try to say?   i’m confused *o god here i go again*
DarkMagician5c (7:05:11 PM): wat do u think of hannah c
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:05:31 PM): I guess she’s okay…i never really talk to her…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:05:47 PM): never really met her either so I really can’t say
DarkMagician5c (7:05:53 PM): did u talk to her while writing that note
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:06:28 PM): no…she was standing in front of my
desk in science she was talking to Katlyn, Lauren, Ashly and Alisha
DarkMagician5c (7:06:46 PM): did they read the note
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:06:49 PM): she’s so damn loud it’s kind of hard not to hear her…no
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:06:57 PM): i wrote it after…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:07:07 PM): bout 5 minutes before the bell rang
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:07:18 PM): brb
DarkMagician5c (7:07:30 PM): o well then how did u knwo she wants to go baq out wit me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:07:39 PM): back
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:07:55 PM): one you told me and two she was talking to them and i assumed it was u…
DarkMagician5c (7:08:23 PM): wat wrer they saying
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:09:05 PM): she randomly went over to Ashly and said
“He said no again…” and then they started talking about why Sarah
Rocha likes Jesse McCartny…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:09:17 PM): Hannah looked all sad and stuff…
DarkMagician5c (7:10:22 PM): o she did
DarkMagician5c (7:10:24 PM): oooooooo
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:11:07 PM): y? *just curious is all*
DarkMagician5c (7:11:20 PM): bec …
DarkMagician5c (7:11:35 PM): i still have feelingsfor her
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:11:46 PM): awww
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:11:52 PM):
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:12:03 PM): u wanna go back i’ll be okay…
DarkMagician5c (7:12:21 PM): wat do u think i should go baq  out wit her
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:12:43 PM): if you want to go…i do care but heck you want her you go get her…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:12:58 PM): i don’t wanna hold u back from sumtin good…
DarkMagician5c (7:13:27 PM): well is there sum1 u like ill hook u up wit
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:14:14 PM): …u kno u didn’t have to say yes b4…
DarkMagician5c (7:14:30 PM): wat do u mean
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:14:52 PM): wen i asked if we were still goin out…if ya still luved me all that stuff
DarkMagician5c (7:15:10 PM): wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:16:06 PM): when i asked if we were still goin out
or not you could’ve said no…cut me loose quick and painless…or at
least at the tiem it’d be painless…already went through it…
DarkMagician5c (7:16:37 PM): o well do u mind if me and hannah go out
DarkMagician5c (7:16:41 PM): ?

DarkMagician5c (7:16:47 PM): tell me the truth
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:17:00 PM): …i’d be okay…
DarkMagician5c (7:17:18 PM): well is there any1 u like
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:17:23 PM): i’ll be okay…not really
DarkMagician5c (7:18:11 PM): well do u still want to be friends
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:18:17 PM): sure…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:18:36 PM):
DarkMagician5c (7:18:54 PM): wats that for
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:19:10 PM): ehh…nutin…
DarkMagician5c (7:19:18 PM): tell me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:19:56 PM): it doesn’t matter…you’re happy…i’ll be okay it’s nothing…
DarkMagician5c (7:20:31 PM): yeah it is are u upset cause ill stil go out wit u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:20:45 PM): no…i’m fine really…
DarkMagician5c (7:21:01 PM): no ur not
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:21:32 PM): well i will be…i’ll be fine don’t worry bout me…
DarkMagician5c (7:22:07 PM): do u want to still go out cause i will im happy either way
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:22:28 PM): i’ll be fine either way too…
DarkMagician5c (7:22:51 PM): so u pick
DarkMagician5c (7:22:58 PM): its ur call
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:23:11 PM): …go get Hannah…have fun…
DarkMagician5c (7:23:28 PM): u sure im perfectly fine wit u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:23:42 PM): yeah…it’ll take some time but i’ll be fine
DarkMagician5c (7:24:59 PM): so do u still want to go wit me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:25:35 PM): yeah but heck you want hannah she’ll
probably get another bofyriend by the time you’re sick of me…or it’ll
only be a couple months but w.e the case just go…
DarkMagician5c (7:26:19 PM): u sure cause im great wit u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:26:46 PM): im g8 w/u too  but i know u want her…i won’t hold ya back…
DarkMagician5c (7:27:25 PM): u pick right now stay wit me or i leave pick come on lady its ur choice
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:27:43 PM): go to Hannah
DarkMagician5c (7:28:02 PM): u sure u dont want me anymore
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:28:16 PM): it’s not like i’m gonna go anytime soon…
DarkMagician5c (7:28:20 PM): bec i will saty wit u bec i am very happpy wit u
DarkMagician5c (7:28:33 PM): u neva know
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:28:36 PM): heck you were the first and only and it’ll stay like that for a long time…
DarkMagician5c (7:28:57 PM): so are we together
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:29:03 PM): i’m not as well liked as you think…
DarkMagician5c (7:29:12 PM): o
DarkMagician5c (7:29:25 PM): hold il call u k
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:29:27 PM): nah…go get ur girl…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:29:29 PM): okay
DarkMagician5c (7:29:37 PM): brb
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:29:41 PM): k
DarkMagician5c (7:30:05 PM): i cant
DarkMagician5c (7:30:07 PM): damn it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:30:16 PM): lol ik…u gotta go offline…
DarkMagician5c (7:30:18 PM): my mom said to stay off it
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:30:41 PM): o…
DarkMagician5c (7:31:22 PM): wat do u want to do
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:32:57 PM): go out with hannah…u want her get
her…u know i’ll be here for a long time i’m not goin
anywhere…specially not with Nick S and Marc just about everywhere
every little damn connection…i’ll be single for a long time u go out
with hannah and i’ll be there if you need me/want me…doubt u will but
i will be here…
DarkMagician5c (7:34:02 PM): u k wit this
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:34:25 PM): i’ll be okay…maybe not totally at first but i’ll be okay…
DarkMagician5c (7:34:48 PM): well do u want me too stay wit u
DarkMagician5c (7:34:53 PM): cause i will
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:34:59 PM): whatever’ll make you happier
DarkMagician5c (7:35:13 PM): u pick wat u wanna do
DarkMagician5c (7:35:14 PM): k
DarkMagician5c (7:35:23 PM): bec i love u and also her
DarkMagician5c (7:35:40 PM): so u pick bec i will be happy anyway u choose
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:35:53 PM): look u love her go to her…i’ll be fine…
DarkMagician5c (7:36:16 PM): but do u still want me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:36:51 PM): yeah but hell i can wait…she probably won’t
DarkMagician5c (7:37:44 PM): well ok i tell u my dicison in rading tommorrow k
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:37:53 PM): rading?
DarkMagician5c (7:38:01 PM): so dont sqay anything to anyone
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:38:08 PM): wtf is rading?
DarkMagician5c (7:38:09 PM): *riding
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:38:14 PM): ahh…
DarkMagician5c (7:38:18 PM): reading
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:38:34 PM): and i got no one to tell…
DarkMagician5c (7:38:58 PM): k ill tell u tommorrow g2g by
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:39:02 PM): bye…

not much has happened besides that…I can’t tell what he wants anymore eventually
we’ll break up and i’ll be happy again…i think i should go out
w/Devin if me&Steve break up…not right away…but i think he’d be
my next guy…maybe…i dunno *oi* i think i just chipped my tooth! ehh
i don’t think so but then again i do…o i did a talk thing with
Steve…not mi Stevey kentucky Steve! ^_^ he tried to talk to me too
but it didn’t work… life sucks…

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