DarkMagician5c (6:07:05 PM): o my poor jelly 😉
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:07:12 PM): ^_^
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:07:56 PM): ty for pity…my mom told me to “Suck it up and finish the damn display” i luv u
DarkMagician5c (6:09:36 PM): i luv u too


DarkMagician5c (7:44:08 PM):  wat do u mean u dont want to hurt me wat were u gonna say
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:44:24 PM): when
DarkMagician5c (7:44:43 PM): well u know wat i was doin the same thing so i guess were ova
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:44:54 PM): bullshit u asked me out
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:45:00 PM): u had to have cared somehow
DarkMagician5c (7:45:13 PM): maybe a little
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:45:17 PM): if ya’ll wanna be friends or w/e fine but i’m not doin this again…
DarkMagician5c (7:46:04 PM): w/e i wasnt even the one woh said to kiss my ass and shit
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:46:26 PM): ik im fed up with this
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:46:37 PM): i’m sick of getting treated like shit
DarkMagician5c (7:46:37 PM): y
DarkMagician5c (7:46:44 PM): me too
DarkMagician5c (7:47:18 PM): well go have goin out wit joey o and devin told m e u asked him out a again
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:47:29 PM): u abused me now u lose me…hell i loved you so much and all you could say is yeah whatever
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:47:38 PM): no i didn’t
DarkMagician5c (7:48:05 PM): well i loved u too but u just saud kiss my ass so i asumed we were ova
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:48:08 PM): …if someone asked him out for me tell’em their not from me…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:48:37 PM): yeah i sed that kuz u don’t care and you get pissy everytime i try to do something w/u
DarkMagician5c (7:48:58 PM): no i dont u come on wit this attitude
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:49:30 PM): bull u said don’t get cocky and i said i wasn’t and u keep doing this every freakin time…
DarkMagician5c (7:50:05 PM): welll u get me pissed off somehow everytime
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:50:14 PM): how?!
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:50:35 PM): i ask if u really want to go or not so i
don’t go askin and bugging my parents and getting introuble for
DarkMagician5c (7:50:37 PM): today u got me pissed off bout say shit to me and crap
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:50:49 PM): huh?
DarkMagician5c (7:50:59 PM): well are we still to gether or not ?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:51:09 PM): if u care tell me now if not no…
DarkMagician5c (7:51:20 PM): well i do care
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:51:45 PM): …will u stop doin that? *gettin all pissed at the drop of a dime?*
DarkMagician5c (7:51:56 PM): yes well gg2g watch surviver
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:52:05 PM): answer me…please
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:52:12 PM): oops..
DarkMagician5c (7:52:21 PM): bout wat
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:52:29 PM): bout my ?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:52:33 PM): *question
DarkMagician5c (7:52:41 PM): wsure
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:52:43 PM): u sed yez i sed oops…read to fast
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:53:00 PM): …alright…i’ll stay w/u
DarkMagician5c (7:53:00 PM): kk i luv see ya tommorroe
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (7:53:07 PM): luv ya

Needless to say our aniversary sucked…but hopefully we’ll go out on a
date next weekend and we’ll end up goin on a date or something that’ll
set things…better anyways…i hope…

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