Alright due to mass confusion from my own brain I’m gonna write this here…

Steve and I are back together I appoligised asked him back out and made
nicey nicey…so, here’s the catch, I can’t tell anyone which is gay
but w/e…

Devin now hates me to the extream now which sucks cause…damn it I
think I like him…not love just like…as in as a friendy
thing-ish…errrh…I should’ve asked him out in 6th grade! Damn it I
was to bloody nervous I feel like wacking myself over the head with a
metal bat! *Okay self don’t get any ideas!* God, if I had just done it
and got it over with at least now it wouldn’t be such a big deal that I
like him…errhhh…my brain hurts!

I finished 4.5 haiku’s in Language class probably bombed those too, I
suck at poetry…I can make pretty good lymerics or catch phrases or
info-banners but nothing that’s good….I got a C+ in Language!
If I don’t make B Honor roll this term I won’t be able to get upgrades
for my computer…damn it I want those things! They consist of a new
Motherboard, CPU, Ram&Fans for the board CPU and the other crap…

Steve said he luved me 2day&yesterday lookie!

DarkMagician5c (6:32:41 PM): i read ur profile bout the stars things

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:32:57 PM):  i haven’t gotten a chance to change it yet

DarkMagician5c (6:33:45 PM): yes u already changed it says something bout u screwing up and u wish u could change it

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:34:00 PM): i did?

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:34:06 PM): haha it worked!

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:34:12 PM): ^_^ booyah

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:36:05 PM): it said

Well there were enough stars for why I loved Steve…now their gone and
all my reasons have been torn…I miss him I do but I can’t turn back
time…if I could I’d make everything right again, somebody save me
from myself…depression eminent

DarkMagician5c (6:36:25 PM): i knw

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:36:50 PM): what about it?

DarkMagician5c (6:37:05 PM): i knw wat it said

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:37:23 PM): ik u probably dont’ care but i do…

DarkMagician5c (6:37:42 PM): i do

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:38:15 PM): ^_^ u forgive me for gettin mad?

DarkMagician5c (6:38:46 PM): yeh

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:39:16 PM):  i wub u

DarkMagician5c (6:39:49 PM): so u want to be friends again

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:40:15 PM): how bout bf&gf again? one last try?

DarkMagician5c (6:40:19 PM): or was that for going back out again

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:40:26 PM): could be either

DarkMagician5c (6:40:37 PM): u want to go back out

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:41:10 PM): yes…life sucks without u…lonelyness

DarkMagician5c (6:41:34 PM): ok but sssshhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone so it looks like were not toghter

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:41:37 PM): do u? don’t let me push u into it

DarkMagician5c (6:41:46 PM): and dont write in ur profile

DarkMagician5c (6:42:05 PM): o no u are not pushing me into it

DarkMagician5c (6:42:21 PM): brb

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:42:24 PM): …life really does suck without u…things hurt more

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:42:25 PM): k

DarkMagician5c (6:48:16 PM): baq

DarkMagician5c (6:48:31 PM): dont rell anyone leave ur profile the way it is k

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:48:37 PM): cool 

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:48:56 PM): k…i just changed my buddy profile too

DarkMagician5c (6:49:01 PM): k

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:49:04 PM): it said we were still goin out…

DarkMagician5c (6:49:09 PM): good dont tell any1 k

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:49:14 PM): k…

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:49:18 PM): jw y?

DarkMagician5c (6:49:25 PM): well i luv u g2g by bey

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:49:34 PM): i luv u! ^_^ bye

Oh the 16th this is what he sent me…it was MCAS endused see for MCAS
weekI went to room 47 with Joey, Scott, Danny Shannon and a few other
people…Joey waits for me outside of my reading class because he has
reading when I do. We walk together to our next classes and me him and
Steve talk. Steve is sorta mad because I do talk to Joey like every

DarkMagician5c (6:18:43 PM): well lets hope he isnt there well i luv u and i g2g go take a bath so bye

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:18:53 PM): i wub u!

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (6:18:59 PM): :- byebye

It still has I luv u in it so I guess it was okay…luv sucks
sometimes…and other times it’s the only thing that’s keeping me

The people in my general music class *Particularly Nick S and Mark D*
are such asses! Their always picking on me…I know I’m no where near
pretty *even though Steve says I am* but it’s rediculous! Their really mean and it’s starting to hurt…minutely…and people wonder why I am so depressed…

Steve&I aren’t together anymore…that’s probably how it’s gonna
stand too, I’ve had a great year with him but he can be such an
ass…offerin my food to everyone…grrrrr… nothin much’s new just that…I hate Scott…that’s pretty much my life besides the vampire.

Vampress is doing well still level 23 gonna go on 24 if I can find
another NPC, I only need 160 something exp before I level again which
is pretty sweet. I got rid of my Armour of the Black Raven in exchange
for a Sylvan Chain which’s pretty good now I have magic defence and
more to my AR&DR which’s pretty damn sweet!

May 6th was a half day and it totally ROCKED! OMG!!!!! Steve&I went
alone to the mall&we hung around there for a while then Steve had
to pee and we went home *yeah really importaint detail…ANYWAYS* I met
Steve’s niece she’s sooooooooo cute! ^_^ She’s like Steve&mex2! it
was sooo much fun! Omg we saw said goodbye to Jill she went to her prom
she looked sooooo pretty! We went back to his house had dinner and
layed in his hammock on top of each other it was soooooo cute. i wub my
Stevey sooooooooo much

today kinda sucked because i got pissed at Steve&Kenny for flicking
crap at me and kids at skewl saying Cheltsey all the bloody time…i
flipped and i was really livid…i guess i like Joey as a friend
now…i actually wanted to talk to him for once which was such a