May 6th was a half day and it totally ROCKED! OMG!!!!! Steve&I went
alone to the mall&we hung around there for a while then Steve had
to pee and we went home *yeah really importaint detail…ANYWAYS* I met
Steve’s niece she’s sooooooooo cute! ^_^ She’s like Steve&mex2! it
was sooo much fun! Omg we saw said goodbye to Jill she went to her prom
she looked sooooo pretty! We went back to his house had dinner and
layed in his hammock on top of each other it was soooooo cute. i wub my
Stevey sooooooooo much

today kinda sucked because i got pissed at Steve&Kenny for flicking
crap at me and kids at skewl saying Cheltsey all the bloody time…i
flipped and i was really livid…i guess i like Joey as a friend
now…i actually wanted to talk to him for once which was such a


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