Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay life sucks officialy! 2nd most hated kid in school is me by mass prediction! Anyways I’m sitting here depressed *Same as usual…and busting Pelly’s chops * and no I haven’t broken up with Steve…*Due to mass confusion I’ll repeat said segment* I HAVEN’T broken up with Steve…

Okay yesterday was pretty good. Everything was pretty much on scedual I
took the history final the highest score in the class was a 96 *Super
freak Nick…god I wanna say Suff. but it’s not it’s Ashly’s cousinand
or ex-bf…thingy ummm…he’s really tall plays trombone god I can’t
think of his bloody last name! OMG I GOT IT! Como! (Sp?) he’s mad smart
almost got into honor society but was kicked cause he didn’t have a 3rd
term science grade like the rest of us blue teamers who got no grade
because our teacher was on freakin maternity leave…*He probably got
the highest grade in class due to his super freaky smartiness…ugh…

To the topic now…it was good till 8th period…well walking out of
Tech. Ed. Danny S and Taylor C were saying I liked Bobby S *Danny S’
twin brother…Danny’s got more brownish hair Bobby’s more red-head*
which is pretty sick because I hate the both of them…I’d prefer
talking to Bobby though he doesn’t have random outbursts…he’s still
an ass but hey he’s got a bit more self controll.
And I was walking in the halls pretty much ignoring it when they
started pushing me…I went ahead of Steve *He didn’t notice…I’m
beginning to wonder if he ever has*  and she started pushing me around.
*Taylor C’s a girl…word has it that she was a lez. last year…had a
girlfriend and everything at her old school god knows where it was* and
I got into home room she was blocking the door with Danny I held my
books close to my chest so I wouldn’t drop them *My agenda has all the
secrets on the cover bout Steve&I and Mer&Alex and even Alex
A’s sos secret I couldn’t let her off with that info! That’d ruin poor
Alexandra and Montigny! Not to mention give Steve hell because Devin’d
find out…stupid prick…* and I pushed my purce farther up my arm to
keep it from her as normal and I pushed her out of the doorway. Well
push became a shove back…I went to my seat triped over Shawn E’s seat
*He’s really nice he’s in my math class he calls me by my last
name…weird huh? He
knows my aunt from Newmanden and we talk a lil bit in math.* He was
watching me as I went back and he had some look in his eyes…like he
actually cared *Most of my hr hates me…besides Scott who loves me
(ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!)and  Dylan V who’s sorta my only hr friendish…we
chill and talk in homeroom and play jokes on eachother scream at
eachother be random the whole bit* Anyways I sat down put my purce and
my books in a neatish pile on my desk and turned sideways and started
talking to Dylan as usual. Well she comes over and grabs my arm for
some odd reason and gives it a tug to get me up I don’t budge she
pushes my books over but my purce stays on the desk oddly. I still
don’t move she grabs my purce and whips it to the other side of the
room and I’m panicing because my cell was in it and it may turn on due
to the crap in my purce. *it didn’t Fred was just fine along with all
my other junk* anyways I get up she’s in the way I push her she pushes
me I stumble over the cords for the “Smartboard” and I go get my purce
and make sure Fred *My cell’s Fred by the way* is alright. I zip it
back up and try to get back to my seat she’s in the way again I push
her a lil bit so I can slip by the projector and get to my seat before
Marshall finds me out and gives me an aftersession. *he’s really not
parranoid about it but it does happen on rare occasion*  She pushes me
into the projector and I fly back I stumble away trying to get off the
400$ projector cart thingy and by now I’m just shocked she’d actually
try that. I get back to my seat all’s well and Taylor scampers back to
her seat by the skin of her teeth Marshall comes in everyone’s asking
what happened Marshall gets pissed and tells us to “shut up for once”
and it’s all good. Dylan was really curious I told him walking out of
homeroom after announcements and stuff. Trying to get out of the school
was a challance because she was pissed and I couldn’t get her while
Dorgan was around…*Dorgan’s Vice Principal bitchy lady*she finally
left me alone and it was all good.

Today was an interesting proposition as well. At my locker after lunch
she shoved my head into Ashly V’s locker door I swiped her with my
plastic history folder a couple of times…Dylan stepped on her foot
and got her to go away…he’s not such a bad kid ya know?  *by the way Dylan if you can get online to read this you rock! * and I sort of pushed her a few times trying to get into homeroom nothing like yesterday…

I was mad at Steve at lunch today…it all started about 10AM this
morning when he wouldn’t talk to me…I’d asked him what was up he just
ignored me…he’d look over at me in reading I’d wink he’d turn his
head and ignore it! Okay whole period we didn’t talk…okay in history
the period after next

Today Derek C said hi…he seems real friendly like before…in 6th
grade he was really really nice through the Nicole incident and hell
all through 6th grade in chorus and in French at 2nd half 2nd quarter
into 3rd-4th…before French I had Health with Devin…I got over him
about at half term and 2nd half I liked Derek but…late April Derek,
Steve&Georgie were in a boating safety class together *They can
drive a boat legally.*
and Steve and George and I went to Symphony Hall in Boston and we had
fun going and coming back…hell it was more than fun I swear if he’d
have asked me out there I’d have said yes on the spot it was such a
great day with him…Georgie was more interested in my new GBA SP and
Hamtaro and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Even Dylan said we were flirting
and he got sent to the front of the bus because him and Joey were
horsing around in the seat at the back of the bus…come to think about
it when I’d helped Steve in Ruby…I’d had my arm around him and I was
teaching him how to get things to work and…maybe thats something that
sparked us…he said I was so nice cause I tried to help him to get
Meredith and maybe that was the deciding
point………………………..anyways and he asked me out and that
went down then the next CD day *I had French CD7* ugh…memories

That was written June 14th

Friday Steve&George were making fun of me cause they say I have a mustache which a don’t…
i threw Jenna A’s lunchbox at him and I slapped George’s arm really
hard a little while later…I called Steve that night he wasn’t there
or w/e he called me back and I asked him and he said he was doing it
cause I treat him like shit which I don’t! To tell you the truth he’s
probably the only person in my life right now that I’d acutally want to
be with…besides my Pepe *French grandfather pronounced pepay* which
isn’t even possible cause he’s been dead for 5 years…I luv Steve a
lot but he can really piss me off sometimes…I need a new guy I know
but I’ve been with him so long it’s hard to let go. Cause a lot of
people make fun of me and stuff but when they do I know Steve wouldn’t
and I know he’d be there no matter what and I know I’ll be able to go
with him after and have everything alright again…
So I hung out with the goths and punks of the 7th grade for the rest of
the day…when we were going in Luis said later babe and he was looking
right at me. I heard that and I almost choked on the water I was drinking…well I did but only for a second or two.

May 28th I’d stayed up and online till like 11:30 at night and I was
talking to Scott and he still likes me! *gag* He called me his number 1
babe YUCK!…I haven’t gotten a chance
to tell Steve and now I don’t even think I want to…ugh…I wish
nothing happened between me and Steve…well like we’re dating but I
wish we never ever broke up…I miss having all the fun and stuff
before this all happened…

I’m going to Waterwizz tomorow I can’t wait!
Friday was Fun Day…it was gay and Steve was a prick nothing new there
Thursday’s a half day and we get out Thursday!

Today was the Fathers Day cookout at my uncle Daves it was boring same as every family function…ugh…


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