Some pretty interesting things happened besides this being the last day
of school and yesterday 8th period there was a pizza party for my
history class because we had the highest average.

First things first-Steve&I broke up because he blew me off see
today we’d planned to go to either the mall or walk around FHVN and he
totally blew me off and he said randomly yesterday during lunch “I’m
going somewhere with Devin instead” and needless to say I got really
pissed. So I got really really pissed at Steve…I told him to fuck off
quite a few times today and yesterday because he was so pissy and
yesterday the thing that started me getting mad was he was hugging
everyone cause they were hugging him so I went behind him and tried to
hug him but he pushed me off and I was irritated cause he kept acting
all pissy…I give up trying to hold onto him. He’s a terrific guy but
I just can’t stand it anymore, the more I stay with him the more and
more hurt I get. I refuse to be treated like I’m dirt, I get enough of
that from Mark, Chace, Nick, and Tyler…I will definetly miss chillin’
with Steve though, he’ll always be a part of me…

Aparently Georgie was supposed to go with Steve to Subway Devin told
him to get lost so George walked to 99 and Mc Donalds by himself and
went home. I feel really bad and I want to know why Steve’s being such
an asshole… I was gonna ask to be friends
but when I was gonna ask I got so pissed because he was all snotty and
pissed off at me…I got pissed and started swearing at him and you
know what? He deserved it…I kind of wish today wasn’t the last day,
if there were more days I’d have time to make things a lil better but
now I don’t…..I don’t know what to do.


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