W00t I got my first kiss on the lips today by none other than Steve.
^_^ I so happy! 😀 I’m never gonna wipe my lips again!^_^ Oh Jill got a
Chevy Cel….something from Murray’s Auto Sales, right across the
street from me! 😀 Mad crazy stuff…ahh, feels good to sit down and
have some peace and quiet. I love Steve coming over but it’s never idle
or just sitting around…good in a sence though, don’t want to be a
lazy bump on a log.


christianblvd99 (10:21:10 PM): hi
ChellyBrat92792 (10:21:12 PM): hi
christianblvd99 (10:21:15 PM): sup
ChellyBrat92792 (10:21:37 PM): I have good and bad news all rolled into one…
christianblvd99 (10:21:44 PM): ok
christianblvd99 (10:21:55 PM): what?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:22:02 PM): I like Devin…and Steven
ChellyBrat92792 (10:22:45 PM): >.< Devin sent me one of these
“winks” It was the 7Up dude and these fizz green bubbles came up and
made a heart over the 7up dude…I think that was a hint but I don’t
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:09 PM): and Steve&I are going to the mall tomorow and he said he luvs me…I’m confuzzled
christianblvd99 (10:23:39 PM): are you still dating steven?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:51 PM): Redating Steven
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:57 PM): hence my problem
christianblvd99 (10:24:33 PM): ???
ChellyBrat92792 (10:24:48 PM): erg…brb
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:04 PM): back
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:11 PM): want me to explain?
christianblvd99 (10:27:23 PM): sure
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:35 PM): I like Steve&Devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:42 PM): and I think Devin said he liked me…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:52 PM): and Steve said he likes me…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:57 PM): and now I’m inbetween both of them
ChellyBrat92792 (10:28:04 PM): best friends none the less
christianblvd99 (10:28:11 PM): are you still with steven?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:28:28 PM): errh in Devin’s mind no in Steve&my mind yes
christianblvd99 (10:28:47 PM): who do you like more
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:00 PM): Errh…Devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:05 PM): but I like Steve alot too
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:16 PM): Devin’s hot Steve’s nice that’s my prob
christianblvd99 (10:29:18 PM): go out with devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:30:12 PM): I’m so confused
christianblvd99 (10:30:14 PM): if you like someone more than who your dating thats gay
ChellyBrat92792 (10:30:21 PM): yah
ChellyBrat92792 (10:31:37 PM): but if I get rejected from that other
person, I’ll get riddiculed for the rest of the year *every year pretty
much starts fresh a new round of insults* and the person I’m dating
will dump me because he’ll find out through his bestfriend who is who I
want to ask out
ChellyBrat92792 (10:31:46 PM): >.< stuck in the middle on this
christianblvd99 (10:33:42 PM): its like youre cheating on steven if you
like devin more he flirts with you youre practically a couple and
steven youve been with too long theres no way your perfectly
comfortable with that youve been dating since before me and maggie went
out and that was a long time ago
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:04 PM): Steve&I flirt alot too
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:21 PM): &Devin can be an asshole which is another reason why I’m leary of dating him
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:37 PM): It’s been a long time because it’s hard for us to separate.
christianblvd99 (10:35:56 PM): look do what you want be happy not sad
scrrew everyone else they make fun of you they make fun of you they
dont they dont theres no reason to get pissed
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:30 PM): Our friends are the same, I can’t break
away from my friends, their my bitches *even the guys are my bitches*
and it’s hard to get away from them
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:42 PM): cause once I start talking to them I end up back with Steve again
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:55 PM): cause he gets thrown into the mix and I can’t fight it
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:02 PM): >.< sounds like a Shakira song
christianblvd99 (10:37:19 PM): well just do what you want ive got to go
christianblvd99 (10:37:27 PM): sleep on it think about it
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:30 PM): >.< heh, yeah bye
christianblvd99 (10:37:35 PM): be with who you know you like more
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:36 PM): I have been…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:42 PM): for the past few months

Just had this convo, now I’m really confused I need feedback on this.

I reset Vampress today. Tis a sad day, I went from a level 67 Fighter
to a level 1 Sorcerer…I reset my vampire because I was neutral…I
couldn’t stand being a neutral character. >.< Well I’m supposed
to start training with Pel on Sunday I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.

I…errh…I forgot…damn it! 😀 I gots new stuff to put in that I
already typed up but I forgot the joke that with it…oh yeah “I’m so
bad…like tea parties, I’m such a badass I go to tea parties and
actually drink the tea! Booyah, so bad…oh so bad…fear the
badassness of tea parties!” Hehehe, okay now for some new content, yay
new content! 😀 Behold the newness god damn it!


ChellyBrat92792 (3:00:10 PM): luv ya
DarkMagician5c (3:00:27 PM): luv ya too

DarkMagician5c (3:09:38 PM): well it was aswsome talking to u but i g2g
ttyl bout hte movies by bye by bye o and by the way my sis got a car at
the murrays palce next to ur house i luv u by bye
ChellyBrat92792 (3:09:57 PM): cool and byebye I luv2

DarkMagician5c (7:03:45 PM): it doesnt matter where we go as long as im wit u
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:01 PM): ^_^ aww, I wuv u
DarkMagician5c (7:04:02 PM): :-*
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:05 PM): :-*
DarkMagician5c (7:04:36 PM): 😉
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:40 PM): 😉

Weeeeeeeeeee! Vampress was rezzed, now back on track and in the
industrial sector with  now compleated suction and kicking ass!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! W00t I’m a badass…tea parties are bad…like
me…such a badass…you only wish you were this bad…yah…I”m so
bad…bad to the bone.

I’m in the Mystic Flames again! 🙂 Vampress is still lv 62 Exelion’s up
near 77 >.< I’m screwed…I guess I’m not gonna make it to 255 as
quickly as I’d been planning. 😦 I hate Kasmira and her fixing of the
Tootsie Pop. Grrness…

Ginger had babies! Were not to sure yet how many but she had babies!
There’s a dead one in the ball with her…it looks so pitiful… 😦 But
I told Steve and counted about 6 babies today.

That’s life for now…peace out!

This is a lil luv note thing that also happened today…just wanted to
share before it gets lost to the bowels of the love IM chamber.

DarkMagician5c (11:35:21 AM): 🙂
DarkMagician5c (11:35:36 AM): 9 more days till hilary duff
ChellyBrat92792 (11:35:55 AM): lol i hope you have fun at the concert
DarkMagician5c (11:36:04 AM): 😎 🙂
ChellyBrat92792 (11:36:08 AM): 8) 😉
ChellyBrat92792 (11:36:13 AM): *8-) 😉
DarkMagician5c (11:36:21 AM): ty so much
DarkMagician5c (11:37:43 AM): 🙂 :-*
ChellyBrat92792 (11:38:20 AM): :-*

Oh before I forget this is what I said to Steve when I asked him out again

DarkMagician5c (10:54:00 AM): hey wat was thing u wanted to tell me the otha day but u had to go eat supper
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:07 AM): erh…i was gonna ask ya out again…Steve will you go out w/me again? :-
DarkMagician5c (10:55:37 AM):   sure but arent we going out anyway
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:47 AM): errh…I don’t know
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:54 AM):  lets just say yes ^_^
DarkMagician5c (10:55:55 AM): lol
ChellyBrat92792 (10:56:00 AM): lol
ChellyBrat92792 (10:56:10 AM): i luv u!
DarkMagician5c (10:56:23 AM): i luv u too

Steve was over today! We’re back together and I guess it’s alright
again. :- He hates SP still which don’t care about but he pokes fun at
me because I like them…I bet’cha he doesn’t even know what Hillary
Duff is talking about in her crappy ass songs. He’s going the 25th to
see Hillary Duff in concert he’s gonna be sitting on the floor out in
no-man’s land…I think it’s not worth it but pfft…that’s me.

We were swimming all afternoon *from 2-6* then we had dinner on the deck on the table my grandparents got us and that’s it…

Felt like posting to day to say Vampress is now level 62 and I’m racing
Exelion to level 100. I hope I win but Kasmira took away my Tootsie
Pop! I hate that bitch…she’s such a pain in the ass and Techno Demon
is such a fucking pain too! At least she tries to sound nice he just
says “The bug’s been fixed get over it and move on.” Man what bug
crawled up his ass?! *Now watch because I said this he’s gonna see my
Xanga and get pissed…and TD if you do end up reading this I mean
every single word…you are a pain in the ass and everyone knows
it…their getting an Abyssian marrage August 16th…not legal but in
Toranto, Onterio, Canada their going to “Marry” I think it’s sad but it
does justice…I never hear anything from Vy the grammar bitch anymore.
I want to rejoin the Mystic Flames. I wonder if I’ve been permanantly
banned…I think DFENS was spying in our clan for the mystics, once we
went down, he left. >.< I want to rejoin not for the stuff Succi
gave me but the fun I had. The RP was great, I loved it. The Coven Of
The Destined was pretty nice too. But their pretty much a good clanish
thing, I don’t want to destroy my evil image. Even though I make the
perfect neutral-good vampire…I can’t do that though, not after
Peloidra the evil king said to be my sire. He’s a really great sire he
doesn’t give me anything really besides a graphic that says I’m his but
he’s neat. I don’t want to be constantly showered with gifts, it’s nice
but I want to make it on my own. I want to be able to say yes I’m a
vampire that was totally made on my own. No help no prods all by
myself. I’m starting a savings thing, I need like 1,490,000 coins to
finish my powers *including strenght and arkane knowledge* 🙂 And 15$
for occularity…but I don’t have a credit card and my mommy won’t buy
it for me. 😦

Well yesterday and July 6th were biiiiiiiiiiiiig days for me. I’ll
start with the 6th it’s the biggest thing for me…Steve&I made up
I don’t know if we’re dating again but that shall come soon!
🙂  It comes in 2 clips to cut down on crap

SapphireDream92 (8:00:41 PM): look i’m srry i wanna make things okay but u keep fighting it
SapphireDream92 (8:00:57 PM): every time i try u go kaflooy
SapphireDream92 (8:01:00 PM): *kaflooy
SapphireDream92 (8:01:13 PM): and i end up hurt
DarkMagician5c (8:01:27 PM): well lets make things  betta then ok
SapphireDream92 (8:01:37 PM): u serious?
DarkMagician5c (8:02:01 PM): yep sry i had a really stressed out day today
SapphireDream92 (8:02:22 PM): i am too…stupid fence fumes are getting to my head…
SapphireDream92 (8:02:24 PM): :-
SapphireDream92 (8:02:35 PM): i have such a headache…
DarkMagician5c (8:02:43 PM): lol
SapphireDream92 (8:02:53 PM): ^_^ this is why i love ya
DarkMagician5c (8:02:55 PM): me too
SapphireDream92 (8:02:57 PM): ya no?
DarkMagician5c (8:03:20 PM): yep
SapphireDream92 (8:03:21 PM): cause ur so light hearted and you’re really sweet
SapphireDream92 (8:03:47 PM): *don’t let that go to your head now   *
DarkMagician5c (8:03:48 PM): ty so are u

SapphireDream92 (8:10:55 PM): I hope your week gets better soon
DarkMagician5c (8:11:37 PM): u too well i g2g see ya ttyl
SapphireDream92 (8:11:43 PM): :-* l8a
DarkMagician5c (8:11:50 PM): :-*

Next there’s this that I got yesterday and I’m so happy! 

SapphireDream92 (8:33:54 PM): i’ll bring ya something from DC
SapphireDream92 (8:34:05 PM): i promiss…that i can remember
DarkMagician5c (8:34:07 PM): oo ty i wub u
SapphireDream92 (8:34:16 PM): i luv u2 😉 :-*

And now the big news…I got an iPod!
For staining the fence all week I got an Ipod mini this thing was
254.95! I still got it and it rocks, 4gb and crappy headphones came
with it I got my good ones from my walkman. Heh, I’m so lucky to have
such great parents, boyfriend and sort of friends…I blocked Devin I
think the 6th cause on MSN he left me a message full of those f*** u
smilies that Fuel has…stupid prick…I blocked him but I’ve been
having really nice chats with him before that which I don’t
understand…ehh I pretty much have no chances with Devin now…omg
Joey was callin me a wicked lot July 1st he likes me again! He got the
idea that I liked him too! Yucky stuff! *pukes all over*

OMG yesterday Vampress hit level 50!!!!!! She went from like levle
46-51 in the course of 330 MP *roughly* She’s doing superwell and she
got rez’d by angeliclilme yesterday too. I went down to just 6 health
about an hour later! Heh, I went agro on
the NPC’s and humans, I’m working to 37k in blood and about 600K
banked. Great things there. I have a lil over 98k on me now I’m trying
to get from Bleek and 77th to Bleek and 75th before I get my coins
stolen from me! Big big problem when my AP’s aren’t regenerating
fast…well they are my Energy was spiked by the level changes and I
got a phat 81 in Vitality, Dexterity, and Energy. I think it’s down to
like 4 minutes but I’m not to sure.

I wish more people actually listened to what I do…Vampress has been
like my obsession for a while, the whole vamp thing started about a few
weeks before I joined the Abyss…I think June 24th 2004 is when I
started, 10 days after I got out…or the 14th because I’d been taking
down the count to the end of school and Plasticcouch as he was during
the time told me about it and gave me his biter link. 🙂 I’ve been
hooked and have been in every clan he’s ever had since. I don’t think I
would’ve gotten over Steve as softly as I did when I did. I’ve made a
lot of friends and they all love me and I love them too.
Orgy with the Admin day by monk is truely what helped make my desicion
for staying. It was funny as hell because Az had I think changed the
city so we get more blood or just made BB available through the city
board and everyone was happy dunno why it cut down on people getting
mad bb and stuff…stupid things there…but anyways monk came in and
saw all the kissing and hugging and groping Az and he turned around and
kissed Az and groped him and it was soooo funny! He said “Oh I thought
it was have an orgy with the admin day. Oh well… *gropes Az
somemore*” And he made that twisted face it was priceless to read.
🙂 I never want to leave The Abyss!

Anyways that’s pretty much life till now and I’m sitting here so
yah…:smile: Ahh…my life…music, forums, vampires, and twisted
chat. Tiz me!!!!