Well yesterday and July 6th were biiiiiiiiiiiiig days for me. I’ll
start with the 6th it’s the biggest thing for me…Steve&I made up
I don’t know if we’re dating again but that shall come soon!
🙂  It comes in 2 clips to cut down on crap

SapphireDream92 (8:00:41 PM): look i’m srry i wanna make things okay but u keep fighting it
SapphireDream92 (8:00:57 PM): every time i try u go kaflooy
SapphireDream92 (8:01:00 PM): *kaflooy
SapphireDream92 (8:01:13 PM): and i end up hurt
DarkMagician5c (8:01:27 PM): well lets make things  betta then ok
SapphireDream92 (8:01:37 PM): u serious?
DarkMagician5c (8:02:01 PM): yep sry i had a really stressed out day today
SapphireDream92 (8:02:22 PM): i am too…stupid fence fumes are getting to my head…
SapphireDream92 (8:02:24 PM): :-
SapphireDream92 (8:02:35 PM): i have such a headache…
DarkMagician5c (8:02:43 PM): lol
SapphireDream92 (8:02:53 PM): ^_^ this is why i love ya
DarkMagician5c (8:02:55 PM): me too
SapphireDream92 (8:02:57 PM): ya no?
DarkMagician5c (8:03:20 PM): yep
SapphireDream92 (8:03:21 PM): cause ur so light hearted and you’re really sweet
SapphireDream92 (8:03:47 PM): *don’t let that go to your head now   *
DarkMagician5c (8:03:48 PM): ty so are u

SapphireDream92 (8:10:55 PM): I hope your week gets better soon
DarkMagician5c (8:11:37 PM): u too well i g2g see ya ttyl
SapphireDream92 (8:11:43 PM): :-* l8a
DarkMagician5c (8:11:50 PM): :-*

Next there’s this that I got yesterday and I’m so happy! 

SapphireDream92 (8:33:54 PM): i’ll bring ya something from DC
SapphireDream92 (8:34:05 PM): i promiss…that i can remember
DarkMagician5c (8:34:07 PM): oo ty i wub u
SapphireDream92 (8:34:16 PM): i luv u2 😉 :-*

And now the big news…I got an iPod!
For staining the fence all week I got an Ipod mini this thing was
254.95! I still got it and it rocks, 4gb and crappy headphones came
with it I got my good ones from my walkman. Heh, I’m so lucky to have
such great parents, boyfriend and sort of friends…I blocked Devin I
think the 6th cause on MSN he left me a message full of those f*** u
smilies that Fuel has…stupid prick…I blocked him but I’ve been
having really nice chats with him before that which I don’t
understand…ehh I pretty much have no chances with Devin now…omg
Joey was callin me a wicked lot July 1st he likes me again! He got the
idea that I liked him too! Yucky stuff! *pukes all over*

OMG yesterday Vampress hit level 50!!!!!! She went from like levle
46-51 in the course of 330 MP *roughly* She’s doing superwell and she
got rez’d by angeliclilme yesterday too. I went down to just 6 health
about an hour later! Heh, I went agro on
the NPC’s and humans, I’m working to 37k in blood and about 600K
banked. Great things there. I have a lil over 98k on me now I’m trying
to get from Bleek and 77th to Bleek and 75th before I get my coins
stolen from me! Big big problem when my AP’s aren’t regenerating
fast…well they are my Energy was spiked by the level changes and I
got a phat 81 in Vitality, Dexterity, and Energy. I think it’s down to
like 4 minutes but I’m not to sure.

I wish more people actually listened to what I do…Vampress has been
like my obsession for a while, the whole vamp thing started about a few
weeks before I joined the Abyss…I think June 24th 2004 is when I
started, 10 days after I got out…or the 14th because I’d been taking
down the count to the end of school and Plasticcouch as he was during
the time told me about it and gave me his biter link. 🙂 I’ve been
hooked and have been in every clan he’s ever had since. I don’t think I
would’ve gotten over Steve as softly as I did when I did. I’ve made a
lot of friends and they all love me and I love them too.
Orgy with the Admin day by monk is truely what helped make my desicion
for staying. It was funny as hell because Az had I think changed the
city so we get more blood or just made BB available through the city
board and everyone was happy dunno why it cut down on people getting
mad bb and stuff…stupid things there…but anyways monk came in and
saw all the kissing and hugging and groping Az and he turned around and
kissed Az and groped him and it was soooo funny! He said “Oh I thought
it was have an orgy with the admin day. Oh well… *gropes Az
somemore*” And he made that twisted face it was priceless to read.
🙂 I never want to leave The Abyss!

Anyways that’s pretty much life till now and I’m sitting here so
yah…:smile: Ahh…my life…music, forums, vampires, and twisted
chat. Tiz me!!!!


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