This is a lil luv note thing that also happened today…just wanted to
share before it gets lost to the bowels of the love IM chamber.

DarkMagician5c (11:35:21 AM): 🙂
DarkMagician5c (11:35:36 AM): 9 more days till hilary duff
ChellyBrat92792 (11:35:55 AM): lol i hope you have fun at the concert
DarkMagician5c (11:36:04 AM): 😎 🙂
ChellyBrat92792 (11:36:08 AM): 8) 😉
ChellyBrat92792 (11:36:13 AM): *8-) 😉
DarkMagician5c (11:36:21 AM): ty so much
DarkMagician5c (11:37:43 AM): 🙂 :-*
ChellyBrat92792 (11:38:20 AM): :-*

Oh before I forget this is what I said to Steve when I asked him out again

DarkMagician5c (10:54:00 AM): hey wat was thing u wanted to tell me the otha day but u had to go eat supper
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:07 AM): erh…i was gonna ask ya out again…Steve will you go out w/me again? :-
DarkMagician5c (10:55:37 AM):   sure but arent we going out anyway
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:47 AM): errh…I don’t know
ChellyBrat92792 (10:55:54 AM):  lets just say yes ^_^
DarkMagician5c (10:55:55 AM): lol
ChellyBrat92792 (10:56:00 AM): lol
ChellyBrat92792 (10:56:10 AM): i luv u!
DarkMagician5c (10:56:23 AM): i luv u too


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