Steve was over today! We’re back together and I guess it’s alright
again. :- He hates SP still which don’t care about but he pokes fun at
me because I like them…I bet’cha he doesn’t even know what Hillary
Duff is talking about in her crappy ass songs. He’s going the 25th to
see Hillary Duff in concert he’s gonna be sitting on the floor out in
no-man’s land…I think it’s not worth it but pfft…that’s me.

We were swimming all afternoon *from 2-6* then we had dinner on the deck on the table my grandparents got us and that’s it…

Felt like posting to day to say Vampress is now level 62 and I’m racing
Exelion to level 100. I hope I win but Kasmira took away my Tootsie
Pop! I hate that bitch…she’s such a pain in the ass and Techno Demon
is such a fucking pain too! At least she tries to sound nice he just
says “The bug’s been fixed get over it and move on.” Man what bug
crawled up his ass?! *Now watch because I said this he’s gonna see my
Xanga and get pissed…and TD if you do end up reading this I mean
every single word…you are a pain in the ass and everyone knows
it…their getting an Abyssian marrage August 16th…not legal but in
Toranto, Onterio, Canada their going to “Marry” I think it’s sad but it
does justice…I never hear anything from Vy the grammar bitch anymore.
I want to rejoin the Mystic Flames. I wonder if I’ve been permanantly
banned…I think DFENS was spying in our clan for the mystics, once we
went down, he left. >.< I want to rejoin not for the stuff Succi
gave me but the fun I had. The RP was great, I loved it. The Coven Of
The Destined was pretty nice too. But their pretty much a good clanish
thing, I don’t want to destroy my evil image. Even though I make the
perfect neutral-good vampire…I can’t do that though, not after
Peloidra the evil king said to be my sire. He’s a really great sire he
doesn’t give me anything really besides a graphic that says I’m his but
he’s neat. I don’t want to be constantly showered with gifts, it’s nice
but I want to make it on my own. I want to be able to say yes I’m a
vampire that was totally made on my own. No help no prods all by
myself. I’m starting a savings thing, I need like 1,490,000 coins to
finish my powers *including strenght and arkane knowledge* 🙂 And 15$
for occularity…but I don’t have a credit card and my mommy won’t buy
it for me. 😦


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