christianblvd99 (10:21:10 PM): hi
ChellyBrat92792 (10:21:12 PM): hi
christianblvd99 (10:21:15 PM): sup
ChellyBrat92792 (10:21:37 PM): I have good and bad news all rolled into one…
christianblvd99 (10:21:44 PM): ok
christianblvd99 (10:21:55 PM): what?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:22:02 PM): I like Devin…and Steven
ChellyBrat92792 (10:22:45 PM): >.< Devin sent me one of these
“winks” It was the 7Up dude and these fizz green bubbles came up and
made a heart over the 7up dude…I think that was a hint but I don’t
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:09 PM): and Steve&I are going to the mall tomorow and he said he luvs me…I’m confuzzled
christianblvd99 (10:23:39 PM): are you still dating steven?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:51 PM): Redating Steven
ChellyBrat92792 (10:23:57 PM): hence my problem
christianblvd99 (10:24:33 PM): ???
ChellyBrat92792 (10:24:48 PM): erg…brb
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:04 PM): back
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:11 PM): want me to explain?
christianblvd99 (10:27:23 PM): sure
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:35 PM): I like Steve&Devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:42 PM): and I think Devin said he liked me…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:52 PM): and Steve said he likes me…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:27:57 PM): and now I’m inbetween both of them
ChellyBrat92792 (10:28:04 PM): best friends none the less
christianblvd99 (10:28:11 PM): are you still with steven?
ChellyBrat92792 (10:28:28 PM): errh in Devin’s mind no in Steve&my mind yes
christianblvd99 (10:28:47 PM): who do you like more
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:00 PM): Errh…Devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:05 PM): but I like Steve alot too
ChellyBrat92792 (10:29:16 PM): Devin’s hot Steve’s nice that’s my prob
christianblvd99 (10:29:18 PM): go out with devin
ChellyBrat92792 (10:30:12 PM): I’m so confused
christianblvd99 (10:30:14 PM): if you like someone more than who your dating thats gay
ChellyBrat92792 (10:30:21 PM): yah
ChellyBrat92792 (10:31:37 PM): but if I get rejected from that other
person, I’ll get riddiculed for the rest of the year *every year pretty
much starts fresh a new round of insults* and the person I’m dating
will dump me because he’ll find out through his bestfriend who is who I
want to ask out
ChellyBrat92792 (10:31:46 PM): >.< stuck in the middle on this
christianblvd99 (10:33:42 PM): its like youre cheating on steven if you
like devin more he flirts with you youre practically a couple and
steven youve been with too long theres no way your perfectly
comfortable with that youve been dating since before me and maggie went
out and that was a long time ago
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:04 PM): Steve&I flirt alot too
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:21 PM): &Devin can be an asshole which is another reason why I’m leary of dating him
ChellyBrat92792 (10:35:37 PM): It’s been a long time because it’s hard for us to separate.
christianblvd99 (10:35:56 PM): look do what you want be happy not sad
scrrew everyone else they make fun of you they make fun of you they
dont they dont theres no reason to get pissed
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:30 PM): Our friends are the same, I can’t break
away from my friends, their my bitches *even the guys are my bitches*
and it’s hard to get away from them
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:42 PM): cause once I start talking to them I end up back with Steve again
ChellyBrat92792 (10:36:55 PM): cause he gets thrown into the mix and I can’t fight it
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:02 PM): >.< sounds like a Shakira song
christianblvd99 (10:37:19 PM): well just do what you want ive got to go
christianblvd99 (10:37:27 PM): sleep on it think about it
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:30 PM): >.< heh, yeah bye
christianblvd99 (10:37:35 PM): be with who you know you like more
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:36 PM): I have been…
ChellyBrat92792 (10:37:42 PM): for the past few months

Just had this convo, now I’m really confused I need feedback on this.

I reset Vampress today. Tis a sad day, I went from a level 67 Fighter
to a level 1 Sorcerer…I reset my vampire because I was neutral…I
couldn’t stand being a neutral character. >.< Well I’m supposed
to start training with Pel on Sunday I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.


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