I…errh…I forgot…damn it! 😀 I gots new stuff to put in that I
already typed up but I forgot the joke that with it…oh yeah “I’m so
bad…like tea parties, I’m such a badass I go to tea parties and
actually drink the tea! Booyah, so bad…oh so bad…fear the
badassness of tea parties!” Hehehe, okay now for some new content, yay
new content! 😀 Behold the newness god damn it!


ChellyBrat92792 (3:00:10 PM): luv ya
DarkMagician5c (3:00:27 PM): luv ya too

DarkMagician5c (3:09:38 PM): well it was aswsome talking to u but i g2g
ttyl bout hte movies by bye by bye o and by the way my sis got a car at
the murrays palce next to ur house i luv u by bye
ChellyBrat92792 (3:09:57 PM): cool and byebye I luv2

DarkMagician5c (7:03:45 PM): it doesnt matter where we go as long as im wit u
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:01 PM): ^_^ aww, I wuv u
DarkMagician5c (7:04:02 PM): :-*
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:05 PM): :-*
DarkMagician5c (7:04:36 PM): 😉
ChellyBrat92792 (7:04:40 PM): 😉

Weeeeeeeeeee! Vampress was rezzed, now back on track and in the
industrial sector with  now compleated suction and kicking ass!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! W00t I’m a badass…tea parties are bad…like
me…such a badass…you only wish you were this bad…yah…I”m so
bad…bad to the bone.


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