Well now I finally know what the rest of my family thinks about my
household family…we basicly have no life! 😦 It’s as fucking simple
as that. Here’s the story it goes from last Friday to about now.

Grandfather went in for triple bypass surgery Friday, went and brought
my grandma up there yesterday, my dad volenteered to take my grandpa
home, he may come home bloody tomorow, here’s my problem, he may come
home TOMOROW! This is problem because damn it, my mom, dad, and I are
supposed to drive down to Washington DC tonight! So I don’t sound so
selfish here’s why I’m so god damn mad and crying. We told the family
this morning our plan, and around 3:45 this afternoon my parents and I
come home from some last minute shopping at Shaw’s and some other
things, to find a message on the answering machine. It was my almost
least favorite aunt, Aunty Cathy, she’s very wealthy and her husband
Steve (hehehe, sounds weird doesn’t it?) and well, he’s going to have
surgery on his tooth so she can’t spare an hour to go get my
grandfather and another hour to bring him back. Now here’s the sad
part, my mom, dad, and I haven’t spent more than half a day together
away from the state since August of 2000. My mom took the rest of the
week off due to we may go. But due to the rest of the family’s
selfishness and unwillingness to help out we have to stay home and
cancel our one chance for a trip somewhere. Feel free to call me
selfish and ungreatful I’ve ever gone anywhere, but think of this also.
Everyone else has been somewhere loads of times, many times people have
skipped out on us when we needed help. We try when we think it’d be
sort of safe to do so, we can’t because everyone else’s lives are more
importaint than us, plain, clean, not so wealthy people living near a
major highway, that everyone overlooks. I’m a little pissed, but nobody
cares…crying too, nobody cares. For the first time in my life I hate
my family, not my parents or grandparents really, just the rest of
them. If any of you are reading this, you all suck. Thank you for
shitting on our one chance of a vacation. I hope you all are happy. I
hate all of you…not my friends, not my parents or grandparents. Just
my aunts and uncles and most of my cousins…not my nephew Miles, he’s
to cute, but the rest of you. I hate all of you…

I’m going to go cry more…later…oh by the way, I’m listening to
Worst Day Ever by Simple Plan…it’s true. This is the worst day of my
tiny life. And I hope all of my aunts and my selfish cousins can read
this. I hate the lot of ya…I really hate all of you.

To my peeps, luv ya lots…how come every time my mom, dad, and I all
get chances to be happy and have fun get shitted on by the family or
other people?


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  1. *hugs* I hope a hug makes ur day a wee bit better.

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