W00t! I did end up going to Washington DC! 🙂 See after all that shit
went down and all that around 9 at night the phone rings, it’s my uncle
Al, ^_^ he said he’d take days off from work to be home for when
grandpa comes home. So we went the drive down was cool, I saw so many
cows… DC was great I saw, the Lincon
Memorial, the WWI memorial, the WW2 memorial, the Vietnam memorial, the
Korean memorial, the National History museum, the Smithsonian Air and
Space musium, JFK’s grave and 2 towns. Annapolis was scary it was a
black neighborhood…saw 2 pullovers and 2 haul offs within 2 minuets
of eachother and within eyeshot of eachother.
It was scary also saw a couple guys destroy a phone box and steal all
the change…but then we went to the town where JFK’s grave was, we
stayed at a comfort inn right off the highway and it rocked, nice and
quiet and clean instead of the Ramada Inn where there was a hole in the
bathtub and all night long there was banging and stuff…but DC itself
was cool, we went by the gates for China town it was SOOOOOOOOOO cool!
^_^ It was cool going down but coming up was weird…in the Bronx I saw
a homeless guy with a kitten… 😦 I felt bad for kitty&the guy. My
god when we got home my mom, dad and I thought we were going to get in
trouble, we really didn’t my grandma said something to my mom and she
got pissed on the way home…after DC though, coming home from my
grandparents maybe 2-4 blocks away from my house.

ChellyBrat92792 (6:37:01 PM): ugh I gotta go eat, I’ll hopefully be back soon, love ya and bye if I don’t! 
DarkMagician5c (6:37:25 PM): kk bye i luv u too

August 15th the day I told Steve I was back.


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  1. w00t! so happy u got to go! w00t!

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