^Freakin’ out here…life depends on The Abyss and Neopets…mostly The Abyss…cause Az rocks and Bedlams need to be punished and killed! Go Enchani! (Biiiig problem lately though, I decided to lie and say it wasn’t me attacking a Bedlam and now I gots big problems on my hands. >.<; Oi carumba, Enchani kicked me till I changed all my passes to ensure none of this will happen again, t’was Pel that got framed I’m really sorry but damn, a 5 page thread just cause of my vampire being “hijacked”…serious shit…)


Devin and that Molly broke up, I said I was wicked sorry it happened, he signed off didn’t come back from away, it said he was playing football, I don’t think he was, I think he was being an ass and making me suffer through his girlfriend…I hate her, driving me up a wall!  Life sucks, Taylor Coellho is still a bitch and damn it I need a hug…I wanna hold Stevie, I wanna be wrapped in someone’s arms damn it! >.<; Preferably not my parents, that’s just irritating, I want my Stevie…>.<; I feel like a friggen little kid but damn it I need someone to hold me…maybe I’ll call Steve tomorow, do something with him, get my mind off the bullshit that’s going down, today I had a loud rock session, Simple Plan as usual, Six Spence None the Richer, Kimberly Locke, Kelly Clarkson, M2M, and Placebo…

I need to seriously get out of this house, I’m falling apart, my heart’s getting torn up, I see Devin my heart races to see it’s only Honeybees online, being a whore and using his display name >.<; his is your kinda cute, I don’t know who it’s pointed at but sure as hell wouldn’t be me…I miss talkin’ to him, you never know how much you like somebody ’till their actually gone and you can’t or they won’t talk to you anymore…damn I feel so friggen pulled down! >.<; Ugh, it could be PMS or I’m just obsessing again but hell, not for 2 weeks straight…bah…I need some more loud Simple Plan…the song Thank You is really helpful, puts me in a good tone but whenever I hear anything ’bout Dev it just gets punched out of me…*urrp* okay, i need something to eat, this macaroni and cheese with hamburger in it’s really getting to be annoying the second time around *urrrrrp* Ahh, rootbeer float w/coffee ice cream…yumm…heh…damn…lost the good feeling again…grrr…

Okay, definetly gonna go now, I need Simple Plan and some good munchies, peace out! ^.^


Bwah, life sucks but today, 3rd period, after a hell for a study in
Spargo’s room, getting ignored by the one person I love and want to be
with right now more than ever. (Steve…duh!)

I was irritated that Taylor had her shit piled up on my little corner
of the desk. She asked if it was a problem and I said yeah, kind of.
She said well I don’t care if you don’t like it do something about it.
I thought a second and I did do something about it. I moved her shit to
the shelf in back of us, it’s like a big extention of the back window
sills, I piled her shit up on it right in back of her and went to put
my extra stuff there too. She told me over and over to put it back and
I ignored her and said no, you said if I wanted it to be moved to do it
myself, so I did and I left it as that and you know what, the entire
period she bitched, she put stuff back there too, whatever she wasn’t
using she’d put back there I saw absolutly no problems with it and I
left it as is. Spargo got mad at me for talking to the little bitch, I
just held my breath and kept on writing my notes. I’m quite pleased
with what I did. Taylor got in trouble at the end of class and got
herself an aftersession. I felt quite pleased at that and I felt rather
chipper all the way up until gym…I hate gym, at least this year I
have Kelsey to be my partner and I don’t get stuck with the tards Taite
and Michelle…I hate the both of them their so annoying and stupid.
They don’t listen and constantly ask questions…I wish they’d just get
the sped treatment and get out of my life…

I’m so proud of myself! XD I wrote that on my journal on my dead
forum…well I killed it, I made it Abyss colors sort of…and I made
it all black and dead and stuff…cause it’s main purpose isn’t talking
to me anymore and yeah…trying to go for a ignore him for a while once
he and that weirdo break up I start talking to him again approach to
the situation.

But yeah…today in a hand basket…

OMFG! In CVS they sent in Keerex racks!
repeatedly on desk* DIE BOOKS DIE! I liked the other racks better!
*stomps off* FUG! >.<
Errk…well…yeah…that’s today/hell in a hand basket…I’m so pissed
then again I’m so happy that there may be a chance *snicker snort* Okay
that’s just messed up but whatever…I’m out, later!

“I’m in a tourny (well Vampress is)
and guess what?! ^_^ I killed Yami! I think we’re friends he’s wicked
cool, was complaining about all the avi&banners having half naked
people in them…meh, kind of cool that I killed him in two shots, he
did quite a bit of damage to me as well, not enough to kill me though!
😀 Omg I have 360MP and I’m only on level 47! W00tz! I can do 49%
damage with Implosion using 20 MP and I can use my boulder staff (newly
aquired staves, I got them from moving around the city, apparently it’s
a new feature nobody’s posted about. Nice to have though, I got another
tootsie pop, actually I got two, one from moving one from a level 6
bugbear bringing my total to 4, with…ummm 255×4=? If you do this math
out then…I’ll hug you…:D Not you Joey, stalker! >.> <.<
>.> <.< Little paranoid…delusional yes but I’m not psycho
yet…I’d be in a psycho ward if I was psycho…and I’d have an I love
me coat and I wouldn’t be able to type very well.

Okay now to more IRL things, like what’s been going on, I’m just gonna copy and paste from The Abyss cause I put it in a rant…

  • First
    part of rant, called Devin to help him with homework, called me a
    dumbass that afternoon, I bitched to him online he said Steve told him
    to do it, fine and dandy I bitched at Steve because he’s yet again
    screwing me out with Devin, he told Devin not to do that…he got
    irritated about the phone call, the lie he was probably worse, okay not
    so good I haven’t had a real chance to tell him I didn’t mind.

  • Second part of rant, trying to improve a relationship between
    Devin and his girlfriend to help make up for having Steve bitch at him
    about lying yet again and the call, didn’t go so hot. Basicly I said
    that Devin loved his her (his girlfriend) apparently Devin came on in a
    bad mood and basicly bitched at her which pretty much screwed what I
    was going to help with, apparently he didn’t love her (I don’t get it
    myself) and he got mad and I also told her about some of the lies he’s
    told in the past and she asked me if I was around Devin’s age, I said
    yeah I’m 12 turning 13 like Devin (She’s 14 and thought he was 14
    too…I messed that up not on purpose.)

  • Tried to tell her about my boyfriend and tried to smooth
    things over without his knowledge, apparently she had him on the phone
    during all this and she told him about this and now he knows about
    Steve&I and I think Steve’s mad at me…or he’s mad at Devin for
    bitching about me…either way, I’m in trouble there.

  • Friday got yelled at by him out the bus window saying moustache, another popular insult
  • I’ve been hiding from his childish ass since, when my hair’s
    down I look a bit like someone else I go to school with so I can
    hide…a little bit anyways.”

  • That’s as of September 16th, and now for the more now stuff…and I got
    more to write after it…well I’ll have to do it tomorow since I can’t
    get in right now, ttyl!

    Summer’s gone…and the shit has already hit the fan…well Devin’s
    shit faced lies have. Yet again there’s trouble but now I have backing
    from Steve’s parents. Practically family I
    guess. I don’t go over much, I don’t know why, I hate forcing people to
    have me over…I don’t know why…I always ask if they can come here, I
    feel wicked funny asking if I can go over someones house…I always do,
    it’s just weirdass me… Omg, when I was
    about to leave I put my hand in his right cheek kissed his left and he
    turned and we kissed on the lipz ^_^ go me!

    Oh my god, Mr Lapre has got to have special needs he seems to be sped…like Devin! Yay sped people!
    Lol, Mr. Cambra’s going to be a problem, Spargo’s mean…freakin crabby
    bitch. And Gelinas is just weird…he’s my reading and language
    teacher, he’s not bad, but he’s making us do friggen book reports…not
    saying I want more books but I want to have the reading books, do stuff
    like that.

    W00tz I luv Steve! XD

    Oh I slept over Mer’z house in a tent w/Libby and it was mad coolieo!
    It was wicked cold though, I came home and I was mad cold and
    thirsty…and I had to go potty. TMI huh?

    Dylan’z sped and now Steve’s fed up with him already!

    Devin’s gonna be a problem this year he’s already started lying and I
    got mad at Steve cause I thought he wasn’t shitting me again

    Well I’m good for now, omfg

    Corkey died this morning! I’ve been soooooo busy and now my baby Corkey dude’s dead. *cries* Well I have to start getting more shit onto my compy…

    Oh I lost my celrity 2 quest god damn it! I
    didn’t have time to make it to the tavern yesterday, I lost the
    quest…shit shit shit shit! All I had to do was get that last bar and
    I’d have been done! >.<; FRIG…l8a

    Oh I’m dropping chorus tomorow…or I’ll be ending up posting tomorow
    hopefully. I hope Vampy can deal without moving all her MP’s today…
    340’s a friggen lot! 😀 Don’t change please! I had like 360 when I
    reset her at level 67, I think they work on the same basis, I’m going
    to hit 360 in like 4-6 levels instead of 67, I get 4 levels off due to
    the +20 I got for being a sorceress.