Summer’s gone…and the shit has already hit the fan…well Devin’s
shit faced lies have. Yet again there’s trouble but now I have backing
from Steve’s parents. Practically family I
guess. I don’t go over much, I don’t know why, I hate forcing people to
have me over…I don’t know why…I always ask if they can come here, I
feel wicked funny asking if I can go over someones house…I always do,
it’s just weirdass me… Omg, when I was
about to leave I put my hand in his right cheek kissed his left and he
turned and we kissed on the lipz ^_^ go me!

Oh my god, Mr Lapre has got to have special needs he seems to be sped…like Devin! Yay sped people!
Lol, Mr. Cambra’s going to be a problem, Spargo’s mean…freakin crabby
bitch. And Gelinas is just weird…he’s my reading and language
teacher, he’s not bad, but he’s making us do friggen book reports…not
saying I want more books but I want to have the reading books, do stuff
like that.

W00tz I luv Steve! XD

Oh I slept over Mer’z house in a tent w/Libby and it was mad coolieo!
It was wicked cold though, I came home and I was mad cold and
thirsty…and I had to go potty. TMI huh?

Dylan’z sped and now Steve’s fed up with him already!

Devin’s gonna be a problem this year he’s already started lying and I
got mad at Steve cause I thought he wasn’t shitting me again

Well I’m good for now, omfg

Corkey died this morning! I’ve been soooooo busy and now my baby Corkey dude’s dead. *cries* Well I have to start getting more shit onto my compy…

Oh I lost my celrity 2 quest god damn it! I
didn’t have time to make it to the tavern yesterday, I lost the
quest…shit shit shit shit! All I had to do was get that last bar and
I’d have been done! >.<; FRIG…l8a

Oh I’m dropping chorus tomorow…or I’ll be ending up posting tomorow
hopefully. I hope Vampy can deal without moving all her MP’s today…
340’s a friggen lot! 😀 Don’t change please! I had like 360 when I
reset her at level 67, I think they work on the same basis, I’m going
to hit 360 in like 4-6 levels instead of 67, I get 4 levels off due to
the +20 I got for being a sorceress.


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