“I’m in a tourny (well Vampress is)
and guess what?! ^_^ I killed Yami! I think we’re friends he’s wicked
cool, was complaining about all the avi&banners having half naked
people in them…meh, kind of cool that I killed him in two shots, he
did quite a bit of damage to me as well, not enough to kill me though!
😀 Omg I have 360MP and I’m only on level 47! W00tz! I can do 49%
damage with Implosion using 20 MP and I can use my boulder staff (newly
aquired staves, I got them from moving around the city, apparently it’s
a new feature nobody’s posted about. Nice to have though, I got another
tootsie pop, actually I got two, one from moving one from a level 6
bugbear bringing my total to 4, with…ummm 255×4=? If you do this math
out then…I’ll hug you…:D Not you Joey, stalker! >.> <.<
>.> <.< Little paranoid…delusional yes but I’m not psycho
yet…I’d be in a psycho ward if I was psycho…and I’d have an I love
me coat and I wouldn’t be able to type very well.

Okay now to more IRL things, like what’s been going on, I’m just gonna copy and paste from The Abyss cause I put it in a rant…

  • First
    part of rant, called Devin to help him with homework, called me a
    dumbass that afternoon, I bitched to him online he said Steve told him
    to do it, fine and dandy I bitched at Steve because he’s yet again
    screwing me out with Devin, he told Devin not to do that…he got
    irritated about the phone call, the lie he was probably worse, okay not
    so good I haven’t had a real chance to tell him I didn’t mind.

  • Second part of rant, trying to improve a relationship between
    Devin and his girlfriend to help make up for having Steve bitch at him
    about lying yet again and the call, didn’t go so hot. Basicly I said
    that Devin loved his her (his girlfriend) apparently Devin came on in a
    bad mood and basicly bitched at her which pretty much screwed what I
    was going to help with, apparently he didn’t love her (I don’t get it
    myself) and he got mad and I also told her about some of the lies he’s
    told in the past and she asked me if I was around Devin’s age, I said
    yeah I’m 12 turning 13 like Devin (She’s 14 and thought he was 14
    too…I messed that up not on purpose.)

  • Tried to tell her about my boyfriend and tried to smooth
    things over without his knowledge, apparently she had him on the phone
    during all this and she told him about this and now he knows about
    Steve&I and I think Steve’s mad at me…or he’s mad at Devin for
    bitching about me…either way, I’m in trouble there.

  • Friday got yelled at by him out the bus window saying moustache, another popular insult
  • I’ve been hiding from his childish ass since, when my hair’s
    down I look a bit like someone else I go to school with so I can
    hide…a little bit anyways.”

  • That’s as of September 16th, and now for the more now stuff…and I got
    more to write after it…well I’ll have to do it tomorow since I can’t
    get in right now, ttyl!


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