Well, don’t know if I should put this down or he’ll bitch at me for something compleatly stupid
he thinks I love Devin (not as he’s thinking of it…) and now he’s
mad…I guess…said he’d give me another chance, if I wasn’t being
harassed by my mom I’d have given him my two cents and told him to
shove it up his rear… Even if
hypothetically I did, he’s done the same and he shouldn’t be bitching.
He’s done the same bullshit and he knows damn well about who, Hannah C
(Ex) and hell, I wasn’t mad…pushed him her way actually, trying to
keep us from being enemys, well right now, if it was my choice all over
again, I’d have just left…if I only knew what he’d do…when the
tables are turned, when it’s me in the crossfire.

Somebody’s floating that A) I’m going out with Joey~my responce-Eww! B)
Steve&I broke up~my responce-Hell no I still ♥ him! C) I like
Joey~my responce-Eww! Not like that!

Possible floaters, Bekky B, Desiree, Lauren F, Molly H, or the cursed
one himself…Devin…I’m officially pissed, almost in tears…and
seriously in need of a root beer float and a hug…I need a hug more
than anything…I hate my life…


In study Devin had Joey annoy me for him, it worked quite well and how
Joey did it really hurt and ecetra, well, he was watching us the whole
time and I could see he was watching me, it was easy to see, all I had
to do was look at Joey for whatever reason and he’d be in the corner of
my eye. Well, I complained to Devin to make Joey stop and he did, I was
kidding but it worked, he almost got in trouble but he told Joey to
f–k off for me. ^.^ That gave me something to smirk and think about
all day, well, in a lovely little addition before being tormented on
the bus, I was walking out to the bus (It’s far from where I get out of
the school, I have to pass 2 other busses.) Well I passed by the first
bus which Devin’s on, I was looking up at the bus and in the last
window way in the back I saw Devin with his nose mashed against the
tinted glass, I couldn’t help but laugh, and I waved a little and
smirked well to my embarasment he was watching me, he waved back…I
think…or that was another eyelash but whatever. 🙂 Good stuff
happening for once, god, I’m gonna die of the kindess!

Heh, posted in my forum, and the MF Anti-Rant ^.^ Means all the same, I
gots gooood feelings from this…and the chat Devin and I are
having…it may be homework related but hell, talking to Devin at all
after all the shit that’s gone down is a very very good thing. 🙂 Nice
to have somebody to talk to when you’re lonely T.T Since Steve’s never

Vamp’s level 154 and kicking ass, she was killed by Seiko in an attack
from Echani onto the Erinye, Saturday night. Cool though, I hit Exe for
like 127 damage and missed Seiko 3 times…meh…Adonis was over thrown
as leader to SpiritLioness…this can’t be good…but at any rate,
Pressy’s only got another day or so on PotD. Then it’s off to attack
Ari, I feel funny doing it but it’s only a social doing for the Coven
so I really can’t complain, I was given orders then payed handsomly XD
happyness fills thee!<—random splurge of the moment…I’m gonna go
before I cause to much damage.

Alright, that last post, all that was fake, god knows who did it but
Devin doesn’t like me that way…just as a friend…he likes
Kira…annnd…my life sucks…

Was going to do something with Steve tomorow, to find out at the last
f—ing minute he’d rather get out of school like 20 minutes early and
go with his sister somewhere…*sigh* Another boring half day sitting
at home by my lonesome…

Vampress is level 125 and striving for 126, she’s really getting up there and I’m really proud of her ^.^

Well that’s it for now folks…

OH before I forget, I got Nintendo DS Sunday…it’s wicked cool. ^.^ Love the touch screen…

Peace out peeps…..

LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:08:42 PM): *poke* Steeeve! ^.^
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:14:27 PM): o.o Steve?
DarkMagician5c (8:14:36 PM): hi
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:14:58 PM): What was goin on last night -.-‘
DarkMagician5c (8:15:22 PM): wat do u mean
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:15:27 PM): …can I say a line in my defense (from what I told you)
DarkMagician5c (8:15:46 PM): sure
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:16:38 PM): >.<‘ if you’d let me finish, I’d
have said in the beginning I did that…and…I don’t want to do it
again…cause I felt really guilty after…
DarkMagician5c (8:17:28 PM): wat do u mean im confused
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:17:51 PM): flirting…don’t say you don’t know, you said we were over…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:18:10 PM): then you were all happy this morning…needless to say I got confusd…
DarkMagician5c (8:18:31 PM): yes i did bec i dont want ot go out with a
girk who is flirting wit otha guys and who still likes devin
DarkMagician5c (8:19:31 PM): i will still go out with u if stop flirting and stop liken devin and start liken me more
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:19:41 PM): …okay one thing I have to tell you, I
still like him as a friend, when he’s not PMSing he’s really a nice
guy…he’d been helping me a bit…in January when I really started to
talk to him I was getting advice from’em
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:19:53 PM): Baby I do love you more…I’m saying I like him as a friend…
DarkMagician5c (8:20:12 PM): OOo
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:20:39 PM): if you can’t deal with us just being
friends shooting the breeze then…well…then you might as
well…cause he’s a really nice guy to talk to…he actually listens,
he gives me advice…and I try to help him…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:05 PM): that’s why I’d called him that night, I
was trying to help with homework and he was fighting the help and we
just started talking instead…I’d given in and figured he didn’t wanna
do homework just chat…
DarkMagician5c (8:21:17 PM): so wat i dont give u advice and i dont listen to u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:44 PM): Yes you do, but you’re not around as
often, I know it’s not your fault but most of the time it was advice
about you!
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:54 PM): >.<; Can’t ask you for advice about yourself, kinda silly
DarkMagician5c (8:22:22 PM): lol
DarkMagician5c (8:22:28 PM): oo i see ok
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:22:44 PM): Don’tcha think?  Yeah, oh Steve did
you mean you were mad when you said this? What is this? Okay you’re not
saying this, is this bad?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:22:46 PM):
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:23 PM): Well hate to break it to you, but asking
you about things that you say’s a bit silly…specially when I’m
thinking this over in my head what do I do next…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:48 PM): …he helped me form the brilliant idea
of kissing you after i got my present from you at X-Mas…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:59 PM): Not so much of a good idea but he helped me get the idea…
DarkMagician5c (8:24:07 PM): ok mi see now so u just talk to him for
stuff when im not aroun ok thats fine with me a long as ur not cheating
on me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:15 PM): he’s smart sometimes…othertimes he’s just full of hot air, but most of the time it’s helpful…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:34 PM): Yeah…and for stuff bout you, like what you mean bout stuff…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:47 PM): Sorry but sometimes you really confuse the hell out of me…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:57 PM): You say something but you act against that something…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:25:23 PM): >.<‘ I’m not the greatest girl you could’ve picked…I’m pretty much a n00b at it…
DarkMagician5c (8:25:52 PM): i  know
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:26 PM):  By the way, I’m serious about the X-Mass thing…
DarkMagician5c (8:26:40 PM): o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:41 PM): I was talking to’em and I got the idea and he kinda said it wasn’t a bad idea…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:50 PM): Gave me an idea of what to expect…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:27:31 PM): What to do incase of…
DarkMagician5c (8:27:47 PM): incase o f wta ?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:08 PM): Errh…like you push me away, get mad, things like that…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:20 PM): My problems with doing so…
DarkMagician5c (8:28:22 PM): oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:44 PM): >.<; lets put it this way, he’s the emotional crutch…pep talks…sorta…-ish…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:29:04 PM): Kinda been him controling me at first, I dind’t know what to do, it’s me now though…
DarkMagician5c (8:29:08 PM): kk
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:29:24 PM): T.T Don’t be mad…please?
DarkMagician5c (8:29:25 PM): oOOoo
DarkMagician5c (8:29:32 PM): ooo
DarkMagician5c (8:29:36 PM): kk i wont
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:37:28 PM): love ya!
DarkMagician5c (8:37:35 PM): same her e

Weeeee! ^.^ That’s it for now folks, since I’ve got to go beddie
byes…oh and I need a cookie…and milk…and an air freshener for the
critters. Byebyez!

Omg, last night, wicked funny but now I’m freakin confused, Devin got
into Steve’s account, or Steve was already on then Devin got in his and
was still on dirtbike I don’t know, but in any event, they were faking
a gay orgy, wicked funny. Steve was askin’ questions, a little personal
and I don’t know who got what info but I do know that somebody knows a
bit more than they should. I seriously think Steve wasn’t on last night
but I did get this, lets hope this doesn’t backfire in my face…

devindirtbike (7:41:45 PM): like u ************

Devin’s s/n, but weather this was Devin/the cousin/Steven or not, I
have no friggen clue. >.<; I definetly wanna talk to Steve
though…that and maybe just maaaaybe we could do stuff today…then
again with my luck, nobody’ll be home and he can’t go…that’s what
happened Saturday…we talked on the phone for like a half hour (he was
lonely…it was nice but it got boring…)

Vampress is doing well, I finished the “Spring Cleaning” quest, went
from level 112-115 on just the Experiance I got from the dude who gave
me the quest THEN all the exp I got from defeating the 14 zombies
(apparently some don’t give you bone fragments) it was kinda weird I
didn’t think quick enough to post it, my lazy brains just didn’t do it.
🙂 Ahh off to RP I forgot about Hawkins…probably still waiting for my
slow butt to get over there…oh well, hop skip and a jump I gooooo!

Okay, lots of stuff to put for once, feels good to type, I dont’ know
why but it’s nice having my own keyboard…not the weird one my mom
has, hers is really high up, hurts my wrists, okay I go put stuff up now


Enchani and Bedlam may be going to war *reads Enchani board* It’s not
looking to good for war but a nice attack may be arranged. Btw,
Enchani’s evil, it’s an evil on evil duel if it happens, and I’m saving
my implosions for battle incase it happens. Doubt it, Akasha’s a real
pasifist, but then again where it’s Bedlam the most feared clan in the
city, it may not be such a bad idea to do so. 🙂 I’m so evil, it
started as Bedlam got pissed at Enchani because we killed I think Priss
and somebody else, so their organising against us, they’ve attacked all
of us, Adonis is a prick, same as usual, but this time we want to
strike back. But that story’s just unfolding so we may be posting
something later. Vampress is level 110, 4 HP’s away from being full health, and pretty good.

IRL- Got 2 aftersessions on Tuesday, one from Spargo for missing
homework that was apparently really big. And the next was Lapre because
I ended up in the wrong study. It didn’t actually hit me until they
started calling off attendance and I’m like “Okay…that’s a little
weird…I don’t think this is right, maybe it’s just the wrong
list…god am I in the wrong study?” Then, of all people, I started
listening and Devin was out and Gelinas called Devin Codeara and it hit
me like a ton of fuggin bricks, I was in the wrong study and then it
was Shawn Edwards and I was all “God I’m so in trouble, well maybe
they’ll give us a break this year” wicked wrong, got a 20 minute
aftersession with Mr Lapre on a Tuesday morning first period…I was
out sick the day before (got the AS the 5th, I was out the 4th and I
stayed today cause he wasn’t available for AS’s till Friday, some
peoples from the High School came in, it was “Spirit Week” Can’t wait
till Steve and I get there ^.^ Can’t wait for the next dance either I
think Steve agreed to going, I can’t wait! Ahh, and the next half day’s
the 20th I believe and da da da da! Tacobell we’ll be! Wow…what a
coincidence I’m talking about this, I just had taco’s! >.< Damn
I’m coordinated…but anyways onto the big stuff. Ahh yes, of cource,
new stuff!

Last night Devin saw the forum and he saw my sig line! Which was “
~*~I loved him, I helped him, I talked to him,
I beared my soul to him, but apparently that wasn’t enough for the guy
with the light brown curly hair and the voice that could make
everything better~*~”

Then there came this

~*~I loved him, I helped him, I talked to him, I beared my soul to him, but
apparently that wasn't enough for the guy with the light brown curly hair and the voice that could make everything better~*~  is that me awwwww lol

^was in my hotmail box, Hehehe, I smell something brewing, and it's not chicken soup!

The Abyss is back and I’m level 106 and yeah…

Yesterday I went to Steve’s house! ^_^ Lotsa fun, he got me 2 talking moving neopets toys for my birthday and we were playing w/those for a while then Paige got bored we played in the camper tried to make a fort but we got bored and started drawing, I drew my Shoyru toy, Steve was drawing Pokemon, Paige was coloring in her coloring book…was kind of fun, after that we had dinner (pizza, ewwwww!) then we went out side and played a couple types of tag, cleaned up the camper from when we were drawing, and played PS2 until Paige had to take a bath, then Steve and I worked on his rented Emerald version…I let him borrow the book, told him not to give it to me at school (have enough to be harassed about, don’t need a friggen 50 page help magazine for Pokemon R&S to screw me even more…) then before I left, we kissed (weee! :)) and then I listened to 10 minutes of my grandma humming about Steve and us…>_< somebody save me from the grandma of wrath! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Got yelled at by Molly last night, had a flipping fit, I threw in my 2 cents, I think she needs to chill, I didn’t make Molly break up with him…was trying to keep her with him…feels like my world’s falling apart…

Heh, sounds like Perfect World…oi…I don’t feel so goood…very tired, achy, I want a root beer float and some loud music…drown out life…