The Abyss is back and I’m level 106 and yeah…

Yesterday I went to Steve’s house! ^_^ Lotsa fun, he got me 2 talking moving neopets toys for my birthday and we were playing w/those for a while then Paige got bored we played in the camper tried to make a fort but we got bored and started drawing, I drew my Shoyru toy, Steve was drawing Pokemon, Paige was coloring in her coloring book…was kind of fun, after that we had dinner (pizza, ewwwww!) then we went out side and played a couple types of tag, cleaned up the camper from when we were drawing, and played PS2 until Paige had to take a bath, then Steve and I worked on his rented Emerald version…I let him borrow the book, told him not to give it to me at school (have enough to be harassed about, don’t need a friggen 50 page help magazine for Pokemon R&S to screw me even more…) then before I left, we kissed (weee! :)) and then I listened to 10 minutes of my grandma humming about Steve and us…>_< somebody save me from the grandma of wrath! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Got yelled at by Molly last night, had a flipping fit, I threw in my 2 cents, I think she needs to chill, I didn’t make Molly break up with him…was trying to keep her with him…feels like my world’s falling apart…

Heh, sounds like Perfect World…oi…I don’t feel so goood…very tired, achy, I want a root beer float and some loud music…drown out life…


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