Omg, last night, wicked funny but now I’m freakin confused, Devin got
into Steve’s account, or Steve was already on then Devin got in his and
was still on dirtbike I don’t know, but in any event, they were faking
a gay orgy, wicked funny. Steve was askin’ questions, a little personal
and I don’t know who got what info but I do know that somebody knows a
bit more than they should. I seriously think Steve wasn’t on last night
but I did get this, lets hope this doesn’t backfire in my face…

devindirtbike (7:41:45 PM): like u ************

Devin’s s/n, but weather this was Devin/the cousin/Steven or not, I
have no friggen clue. >.<; I definetly wanna talk to Steve
though…that and maybe just maaaaybe we could do stuff today…then
again with my luck, nobody’ll be home and he can’t go…that’s what
happened Saturday…we talked on the phone for like a half hour (he was
lonely…it was nice but it got boring…)

Vampress is doing well, I finished the “Spring Cleaning” quest, went
from level 112-115 on just the Experiance I got from the dude who gave
me the quest THEN all the exp I got from defeating the 14 zombies
(apparently some don’t give you bone fragments) it was kinda weird I
didn’t think quick enough to post it, my lazy brains just didn’t do it.
🙂 Ahh off to RP I forgot about Hawkins…probably still waiting for my
slow butt to get over there…oh well, hop skip and a jump I gooooo!


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