LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:08:42 PM): *poke* Steeeve! ^.^
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:14:27 PM): o.o Steve?
DarkMagician5c (8:14:36 PM): hi
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:14:58 PM): What was goin on last night -.-‘
DarkMagician5c (8:15:22 PM): wat do u mean
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:15:27 PM): …can I say a line in my defense (from what I told you)
DarkMagician5c (8:15:46 PM): sure
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:16:38 PM): >.<‘ if you’d let me finish, I’d
have said in the beginning I did that…and…I don’t want to do it
again…cause I felt really guilty after…
DarkMagician5c (8:17:28 PM): wat do u mean im confused
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:17:51 PM): flirting…don’t say you don’t know, you said we were over…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:18:10 PM): then you were all happy this morning…needless to say I got confusd…
DarkMagician5c (8:18:31 PM): yes i did bec i dont want ot go out with a
girk who is flirting wit otha guys and who still likes devin
DarkMagician5c (8:19:31 PM): i will still go out with u if stop flirting and stop liken devin and start liken me more
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:19:41 PM): …okay one thing I have to tell you, I
still like him as a friend, when he’s not PMSing he’s really a nice
guy…he’d been helping me a bit…in January when I really started to
talk to him I was getting advice from’em
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:19:53 PM): Baby I do love you more…I’m saying I like him as a friend…
DarkMagician5c (8:20:12 PM): OOo
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:20:39 PM): if you can’t deal with us just being
friends shooting the breeze then…well…then you might as
well…cause he’s a really nice guy to talk to…he actually listens,
he gives me advice…and I try to help him…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:05 PM): that’s why I’d called him that night, I
was trying to help with homework and he was fighting the help and we
just started talking instead…I’d given in and figured he didn’t wanna
do homework just chat…
DarkMagician5c (8:21:17 PM): so wat i dont give u advice and i dont listen to u
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:44 PM): Yes you do, but you’re not around as
often, I know it’s not your fault but most of the time it was advice
about you!
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:21:54 PM): >.<; Can’t ask you for advice about yourself, kinda silly
DarkMagician5c (8:22:22 PM): lol
DarkMagician5c (8:22:28 PM): oo i see ok
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:22:44 PM): Don’tcha think?  Yeah, oh Steve did
you mean you were mad when you said this? What is this? Okay you’re not
saying this, is this bad?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:22:46 PM):
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:23 PM): Well hate to break it to you, but asking
you about things that you say’s a bit silly…specially when I’m
thinking this over in my head what do I do next…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:48 PM): …he helped me form the brilliant idea
of kissing you after i got my present from you at X-Mas…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:23:59 PM): Not so much of a good idea but he helped me get the idea…
DarkMagician5c (8:24:07 PM): ok mi see now so u just talk to him for
stuff when im not aroun ok thats fine with me a long as ur not cheating
on me
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:15 PM): he’s smart sometimes…othertimes he’s just full of hot air, but most of the time it’s helpful…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:34 PM): Yeah…and for stuff bout you, like what you mean bout stuff…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:47 PM): Sorry but sometimes you really confuse the hell out of me…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:24:57 PM): You say something but you act against that something…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:25:23 PM): >.<‘ I’m not the greatest girl you could’ve picked…I’m pretty much a n00b at it…
DarkMagician5c (8:25:52 PM): i  know
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:26 PM):  By the way, I’m serious about the X-Mass thing…
DarkMagician5c (8:26:40 PM): o
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:41 PM): I was talking to’em and I got the idea and he kinda said it wasn’t a bad idea…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:26:50 PM): Gave me an idea of what to expect…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:27:31 PM): What to do incase of…
DarkMagician5c (8:27:47 PM): incase o f wta ?
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:08 PM): Errh…like you push me away, get mad, things like that…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:20 PM): My problems with doing so…
DarkMagician5c (8:28:22 PM): oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:28:44 PM): >.<; lets put it this way, he’s the emotional crutch…pep talks…sorta…-ish…
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:29:04 PM): Kinda been him controling me at first, I dind’t know what to do, it’s me now though…
DarkMagician5c (8:29:08 PM): kk
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:29:24 PM): T.T Don’t be mad…please?
DarkMagician5c (8:29:25 PM): oOOoo
DarkMagician5c (8:29:32 PM): ooo
DarkMagician5c (8:29:36 PM): kk i wont
LoVeYoUbAbY12192 (8:37:28 PM): love ya!
DarkMagician5c (8:37:35 PM): same her e

Weeeee! ^.^ That’s it for now folks, since I’ve got to go beddie
byes…oh and I need a cookie…and milk…and an air freshener for the
critters. Byebyez!


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