In study Devin had Joey annoy me for him, it worked quite well and how
Joey did it really hurt and ecetra, well, he was watching us the whole
time and I could see he was watching me, it was easy to see, all I had
to do was look at Joey for whatever reason and he’d be in the corner of
my eye. Well, I complained to Devin to make Joey stop and he did, I was
kidding but it worked, he almost got in trouble but he told Joey to
f–k off for me. ^.^ That gave me something to smirk and think about
all day, well, in a lovely little addition before being tormented on
the bus, I was walking out to the bus (It’s far from where I get out of
the school, I have to pass 2 other busses.) Well I passed by the first
bus which Devin’s on, I was looking up at the bus and in the last
window way in the back I saw Devin with his nose mashed against the
tinted glass, I couldn’t help but laugh, and I waved a little and
smirked well to my embarasment he was watching me, he waved back…I
think…or that was another eyelash but whatever. πŸ™‚ Good stuff
happening for once, god, I’m gonna die of the kindess!

Heh, posted in my forum, and the MF Anti-Rant ^.^ Means all the same, I
gots gooood feelings from this…and the chat Devin and I are
having…it may be homework related but hell, talking to Devin at all
after all the shit that’s gone down is a very very good thing. πŸ™‚ Nice
to have somebody to talk to when you’re lonely T.T Since Steve’s never

Vamp’s level 154 and kicking ass, she was killed by Seiko in an attack
from Echani onto the Erinye, Saturday night. Cool though, I hit Exe for
like 127 damage and missed Seiko 3 times…meh…Adonis was over thrown
as leader to SpiritLioness…this can’t be good…but at any rate,
Pressy’s only got another day or so on PotD. Then it’s off to attack
Ari, I feel funny doing it but it’s only a social doing for the Coven
so I really can’t complain, I was given orders then payed handsomly XD
happyness fills thee!<—random splurge of the moment…I’m gonna go
before I cause to much damage.


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