Well, don’t know if I should put this down or he’ll bitch at me for something compleatly stupid
he thinks I love Devin (not as he’s thinking of it…) and now he’s
mad…I guess…said he’d give me another chance, if I wasn’t being
harassed by my mom I’d have given him my two cents and told him to
shove it up his rear… Even if
hypothetically I did, he’s done the same and he shouldn’t be bitching.
He’s done the same bullshit and he knows damn well about who, Hannah C
(Ex) and hell, I wasn’t mad…pushed him her way actually, trying to
keep us from being enemys, well right now, if it was my choice all over
again, I’d have just left…if I only knew what he’d do…when the
tables are turned, when it’s me in the crossfire.

Somebody’s floating that A) I’m going out with Joey~my responce-Eww! B)
Steve&I broke up~my responce-Hell no I still ♥ him! C) I like
Joey~my responce-Eww! Not like that!

Possible floaters, Bekky B, Desiree, Lauren F, Molly H, or the cursed
one himself…Devin…I’m officially pissed, almost in tears…and
seriously in need of a root beer float and a hug…I need a hug more
than anything…I hate my life…


2 thoughts on “

  1. *HUGS* i cant do much about the rootbeer float but here’s a hug!

  2. ^.^ Thankies Jen! *hug*

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