*Sigh* It started with My Boo by Usher&Alesha Keys…now Graduation
by Vitamin C…thinking on the big change next year, how some of us are
gonna split…go to Voke, Stang, stay here, go to NB…depressing…at
this time next year I’ll be……missing everybody I’m sure, no matter
what, I don’t want to leave…I wish we could all stay together some
how…all go to the local highschool…they say High School’s hard to
leave, elementary was hard…that really was hard, Middle’s worse…I’m
thinking on going to Voke, but I don’t wanna leave Devin, Steve, Derek,
pass up the chance to see Jacob A again…*long sigh* but then again,
Mer, Jill, Jen, Burke, possibly Devin (doubt he’ll pass this year but
you never know…he’s a great kid either way…)  I guess I’m just
confused…I kinda wanna go to the local high, Jill (Steve’s sister)
went there, my dad, most of my aunts and uncles (except for the ones
out of state, mostly the wives…and the husband 😉 except for Desi,
she was Dave’s highschool sweetheart. He went to the local
highschool…) that and most of the kids are going to the local, it’ll
be a shock to see Kyler (lol, yes, alien man ;)) at the local…if he’s
still around, I see his mom and him in the big black Envoy going up
toward the highway sometimes…only when I’m either really really late
or when I’m extreamly early…Brittney says he likes his prep
school…I think he’s at Saint Anne’s or Saint Mary’s in NB…

Mum’s out tonight, she drove the equipment up to Taunton at like 6 and
decided to stay and drink with Mickey and all them…Dad came home like
an hour later, I made him coffee, he took a shower and left…I’ve been
home alone since like 7…it’s nice though, I’m starting to freak
myself out though, the effects of the sugar are wearing off…I’m
getting used to the coffee milk intake…damn…Steve wasn’t in school
today, I didn’t call him, he was on for like 2 seconds, I said hi and
he signed off…I wish I could talk to him but at 10:14PM I doubt he’d
want to be talking to me…hell, I doubt he’d talk to me even if he
were wide awake and wanting to talk. He doesn’t call me on his own, I
barely call him, I hate to bother’em…did once, didn’t seem to happy,
next day he was fine and all but still…

Onto less depressing topics, like, the wonderful Abyssian tourny! ^.^
Vampress is level 200, at the max of her level of the tourny (levels
150-200 ranky thingie) I dont’ want to level up, I want to stay at the
head of this range, I dont’ want to compete with the 255’s, Adonis is a
cheater and will clobber us…I’d kind of like to duel against Pel
though, Seebs…Exe…it’d be cool to see, just to see how I’d do. But
I can’t go attacking Pelly, he’s to kewls, Seebs’ gave me Snype’s pass,
(its written in the purple note book…dont’ forget!) which is pretty
neat…it’s got rezz, under the old system by the time a dark cleric
was level 19 you could have major, minor, medium, rezz and cure…now
you have to be like level 70 for all of that. >.<‘ Yuckie…my
cleric alt (Shadow…) is level 50 and steadily climbing…I’ve had her
since like April, I didn’t start using her until recently so that
nobody’d really see her, in hopes that eventually she’d become huge and
rezz and heal me at my whim but that’s been smashed as posted before
and yeah…okay…I’m lonely T.T Where’s Devin at a time like this? Or
Steve? Or George? Or Mer? Or Jen? Or Jill? Or somebody worth talking
to?! >.<‘ From the mental ramblings of Chelsea…now I must go
before I corrupt some young kid who thinks he’ll find a naked lady
here. (lol!) Okay byes…


Today’s my daddy’s birthday! Yay, he’s 51 years old! Just another reason to complain about being to old to do stuff…o.0 this isn’t right!

Had a fun study, Devin got ahold of my folder with the marker that you
can erase, he drew Mr Diffley on the back. XD Regular picasso drawing
too. (lol, litterly…the body parts belonged but they were like
Piccaso’s weird ones…) Devin got an aftersession cause he was talking
to Joey in study, Joey was being a pest and almost got a team from the
bozo lady.

As for The Abyss, Vamp’s level 160, full MP, and has nothing to
do…Helios caught on to Shadowess, apparently trades aren’t secretive,
or private…I traded her 3 scrolls of teleportation, and I got a
greaves of faer in return, well, it wasn’t a fair trade, I admit, I got
like 7.4k BB off the pawn of it, they found out, I got a PM from Helios
(I never knew he could do so…) and yeah…I’m stopping the
project…technically I should be banned, over a year ago Dread or
somebody high and mighty said that if it happens again I’ll be banned
and yada yada yada…no official warning, I logged off Vamp, I’m afraid
to go back in, I’m hoping that if I do get a warning or whatever
they’ll send me an e-mail…I’m a bit irritated that it was Helios not
an actual mod, makes me wonder what’s actually going on…I guess
things are changing to rapidly for me to keep up…In light of this,
I’m seriously thinking on quitting, not trying to be a poor sport, it’s
just all the injustice…first Adonis is made weapon mod, next sorc.’s
are losing power, he’s being quite cruel to the clerics, and quite
frankly I dislike how he “God Mod’s” everything…if anything goes on
he’s quick to act pompus and put everybody who isn’t on his side
down…it’s not much of a reason to leave, but I’m quite tired of
this…if the Coven, Mystics and Echani weren’t there sheding light on
where it needs to be, and seeing through DA like I have, I’d seriously
be gone already…I’m sick of him and his gang of cronies…ehh this is
the IM that I’ve been having with my Abyssian brother, Yami, don’t go
IM’ing him, just want to post it here, I think I’ve made my point, and
you may see things clearer, this is just an over view, for those
Abyssians who know this, you’ll see a better look at why I’m
contemplating leaving.

(above this I said that it was the end to Shadowess and our cleric
project, Yami asked why and accidently attacked Shadow. This is from
then on)
yy s1yy (5:56:13 PM): what happened? she got killed?

ChellyBrat92792 (5:56:31 PM): No, Helios’ been looking at the trading thing
ChellyBrat92792 (5:57:06 PM): pisses me off that he can see this stuff,
he’s just a single board mod (as far as I know) and yet  he can
tell, frankly I’m a little ticked it was him that told me not a REAL
ChellyBrat92792 (5:57:10 PM): not DA either…
yy s1yy (5:57:22 PM): so…
yy s1yy (5:57:24 PM): now what?
ChellyBrat92792 (5:57:41 PM): Contemplating leaving The Abyss is what…
yy s1yy (5:57:47 PM): why?
ChellyBrat92792 (5:58:01 PM): I’m sick of all the injustice…
ChellyBrat92792 (5:58:15 PM): DA acting god mod and nobody stoping him’s one
ChellyBrat92792 (5:58:33 PM): That one just pisses me off to no end
yy s1yy (5:59:02 PM): that’s no reason to leave, please?
yy s1yy (5:59:03 PM):
ChellyBrat92792 (5:59:26 PM): Just all the bullshit that goes on you know?
yy s1yy (5:59:38 PM): I dunno, I don’t pay attention
ChellyBrat92792 (6:00:19 PM): I try not to, but when it turns to an all
out brawl between DA and the other party, and DA doesn’t get a warning
or anything, but the other person can get banned/several warnings, then
I have a problem
yy s1yy (6:00:29 PM): lol
yy s1yy (6:00:34 PM): what other party?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:00:39 PM): It’s like Dread and Lady K all over again
ChellyBrat92792 (6:01:34 PM): Lady K gets offended, warning, Dread
doesn’t like something, warning, Dread prancing around as Az’s prodigy,
doesn’t like something, she puts it down, and nobody can say anything,
the old Abyss’ been taken over by Lady K and her bitch, and Dread…
ChellyBrat92792 (6:02:35 PM): and quite frankly as NiF said, the Abyss
is going down hill…if it wasn’t for my clans, I’d have left as soon
as DA became a game programer
yy s1yy (6:02:48 PM): I see
yy s1yy (6:03:03 PM): he seems like a really nice guy to me
ChellyBrat92792 (6:04:09 PM): You haven’t been through what I have….
yy s1yy (6:04:26 PM): as in?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:05:09 PM): Leaving DA’s children because I didn’t agree with how he was treating someone who’d left…
yy s1yy (6:05:20 PM): oh
ChellyBrat92792 (6:05:35 PM): Scorpian, him and Lore weren’t an item I don’t think, but damn, he came down hard on the poor guy
ChellyBrat92792 (6:05:44 PM): I can see why he left
ChellyBrat92792 (6:05:59 PM): it took me longer to realize how he was doing things, but once I did, I got out…
yy s1yy (6:06:34 PM): crud!
yy s1yy (6:07:00 PM): sorry I attacked Shadowess…
yy s1yy (6:07:07 PM): want me to heal her?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:07:15 PM): Pel said that Adonis stole you, you were
now his childe at one point, and I’d heard so much, I left, I asked
Medea and Monk if either of them could remove me from DA, they said
yes, and, I went to Pel…because I know that he is my friend, he may
not talk to me much, but I know he won’t lead me wrong
ChellyBrat92792 (6:07:21 PM): No…leave her, kill her if you wish
yy s1yy (6:07:28 PM): why?
yy s1yy (6:07:35 PM): and no I didn’t become his childe
ChellyBrat92792 (6:07:46 PM): She’s no good now, if I sign on again, I’ll end up in more trouble
ChellyBrat92792 (6:07:59 PM): Ehh…I know
ChellyBrat92792 (6:08:04 PM): maybe it wasn’t you…
ChellyBrat92792 (6:08:13 PM): o.0 somebody got bribed over from Pel to Adonis
yy s1yy (6:08:25 PM): hm
yy s1yy (6:08:32 PM): ok I left Pel one time, but went back
ChellyBrat92792 (6:09:10 PM): and I got ticked over the edge and
decided to leave, I didn’t know how to get out of the Chateau at the
time, I waited until DA came on, I was about to PM him, then my MSN
said I had mail, DA’d PM’d me, asking me why I told him a very dry
version, did so on YIM too, and that was it
ChellyBrat92792 (6:09:18 PM): he was very cold about too
yy s1yy (6:09:28 PM): I see
ChellyBrat92792 (6:09:40 PM):  neither here nor there…
ChellyBrat92792 (6:09:55 PM): I may not leave…but for tonight, I am done…
yy s1yy (6:10:09 PM): if you log on again with Shadowess?
yy s1yy (6:10:14 PM): you’re in trouble?
yy s1yy (6:10:17 PM): or if you log on?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:10:20 PM): I think so…
ChellyBrat92792 (6:10:44 PM): I don’t want to see vampress…I don’t
want to go back, I know somebody’ll find out, storm of PM’s and angry
IM’s, I choose not to for this evening
yy s1yy (6:10:57 PM): what’d you do that was wrong?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:10:59 PM): I’m going to let it simmer for tonight
ChellyBrat92792 (6:11:15 PM): I traded some stuff to Shadowess for greaves of faer…like a scroll of tele or 2…
yy s1yy (6:11:30 PM): what’s wrong with that?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:11:53 PM): Apparently that’s cheating…
ChellyBrat92792 (6:12:18 PM): I then pawned the greaves and got BB’s
which I’d have ended up giving to Shadow tripple fold to get more
powers later but, I was to slow
yy s1yy (6:12:27 PM): rather I think that’s screwed
ChellyBrat92792 (6:12:54 PM): I went to go get the location for a few
guildes we needed to stop at, magic shop, distilery, amorelites, and
yy s1yy (6:13:03 PM): uh-huh
ChellyBrat92792 (6:13:16 PM): …I was distracted by the new rant thread in the mystics  “The daily pissing pot” XD
yy s1yy (6:13:22 PM): lol
yy s1yy (6:13:24 PM): and?
ChellyBrat92792 (6:14:15 PM): And I saw some other things that needed
attending…and then I got that while I was looking up lyrics for the
“What are you listening to now” thread and i got a popup from MSN
saying I had a message from az@abyss_uk.com
ChellyBrat92792 (6:14:38 PM): and I knew it was a PM because if it was
from them for something different, it uses a different address I
ChellyBrat92792 (6:14:50 PM): I got my warning notifications from admin@abyss_uk.com
ChellyBrat92792 (6:15:14 PM): And that’s the only reason why I get e-mail from The Abyss…
yy s1yy (6:15:25 PM): I see

*sigh* for tonight, as I stated above, I’m keeping away from The
Abyss…I’m going to sit on it, sleep on it, have a study on it,
contemplate this at every free moment I have, if I do come to the
conclusion that I want to leave, I’ll post it here…but for now, I
won’t touch upon this topic, I’ll finish the discussion with my
brother, I’ll go on YIM talk to the Mystic’s leader, see what she says,
and tonight I’ll make my decision over a study with Joey, some other
things, then, tomorow at…5 PM, eastern time, I’ll post my
decision…or around there. For now I’m gonna sit and boil it down…I
have a lot of thinking and concidering to do, and if I really lean
towards leave, and I fully believe in my decision tonight, I have a lot
of people to IM…*sigh* I never thought it’d come down to this, but
god damn it I have to…this site is starting to run my life, I love it
I really do, it doesn’t totally control me, but, it’s the reason why
I’m always on, between the city and my 3 clans, I’ve got plenty to
post, read, go over, train, do, kill, and poke at. Plus what I’m
building up on Neopets…not much, just getting the lab map so I can
zap pets, put them in adoption and beautify Neopia…and get kick ass