*Sigh* It started with My Boo by Usher&Alesha Keys…now Graduation
by Vitamin C…thinking on the big change next year, how some of us are
gonna split…go to Voke, Stang, stay here, go to NB…depressing…at
this time next year I’ll be……missing everybody I’m sure, no matter
what, I don’t want to leave…I wish we could all stay together some
how…all go to the local highschool…they say High School’s hard to
leave, elementary was hard…that really was hard, Middle’s worse…I’m
thinking on going to Voke, but I don’t wanna leave Devin, Steve, Derek,
pass up the chance to see Jacob A again…*long sigh* but then again,
Mer, Jill, Jen, Burke, possibly Devin (doubt he’ll pass this year but
you never know…he’s a great kid either way…)  I guess I’m just
confused…I kinda wanna go to the local high, Jill (Steve’s sister)
went there, my dad, most of my aunts and uncles (except for the ones
out of state, mostly the wives…and the husband πŸ˜‰ except for Desi,
she was Dave’s highschool sweetheart. He went to the local
highschool…) that and most of the kids are going to the local, it’ll
be a shock to see Kyler (lol, yes, alien man ;)) at the local…if he’s
still around, I see his mom and him in the big black Envoy going up
toward the highway sometimes…only when I’m either really really late
or when I’m extreamly early…Brittney says he likes his prep
school…I think he’s at Saint Anne’s or Saint Mary’s in NB…

Mum’s out tonight, she drove the equipment up to Taunton at like 6 and
decided to stay and drink with Mickey and all them…Dad came home like
an hour later, I made him coffee, he took a shower and left…I’ve been
home alone since like 7…it’s nice though, I’m starting to freak
myself out though, the effects of the sugar are wearing off…I’m
getting used to the coffee milk intake…damn…Steve wasn’t in school
today, I didn’t call him, he was on for like 2 seconds, I said hi and
he signed off…I wish I could talk to him but at 10:14PM I doubt he’d
want to be talking to me…hell, I doubt he’d talk to me even if he
were wide awake and wanting to talk. He doesn’t call me on his own, I
barely call him, I hate to bother’em…did once, didn’t seem to happy,
next day he was fine and all but still…

Onto less depressing topics, like, the wonderful Abyssian tourny! ^.^
Vampress is level 200, at the max of her level of the tourny (levels
150-200 ranky thingie) I dont’ want to level up, I want to stay at the
head of this range, I dont’ want to compete with the 255’s, Adonis is a
cheater and will clobber us…I’d kind of like to duel against Pel
though, Seebs…Exe…it’d be cool to see, just to see how I’d do. But
I can’t go attacking Pelly, he’s to kewls, Seebs’ gave me Snype’s pass,
(its written in the purple note book…dont’ forget!) which is pretty
neat…it’s got rezz, under the old system by the time a dark cleric
was level 19 you could have major, minor, medium, rezz and cure…now
you have to be like level 70 for all of that. >.<‘ Yuckie…my
cleric alt (Shadow…) is level 50 and steadily climbing…I’ve had her
since like April, I didn’t start using her until recently so that
nobody’d really see her, in hopes that eventually she’d become huge and
rezz and heal me at my whim but that’s been smashed as posted before
and yeah…okay…I’m lonely T.T Where’s Devin at a time like this? Or
Steve? Or George? Or Mer? Or Jen? Or Jill? Or somebody worth talking
to?! >.<‘ From the mental ramblings of Chelsea…now I must go
before I corrupt some young kid who thinks he’ll find a naked lady
here. (lol!) Okay byes…



One thought on “

  1. You sure have long entries, πŸ˜€ Hi Chelsea.
    I don’t wanna go to high school. Life goes by too fast 😦

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