I figure I should post here, keep this up to date…

Well, Steve’s been out since Tuesday (it’s Friday now) and I’m sitting
here alone, mum’s in the living room asleep, and I’m contemplating
life…*yawwwn* “it’s a hard enough life for me has just signed in”
-.-‘ Yay…Devin…and look he signed off…whoopie…I’m supposed to
be doing some graphic work for Seebs, a person on The Abyss, but I’m
just not feeling creative in that sence…C day, my favorite day of the
odd 6 day schedual I have, was Thursday, which wasn’t that great…the
highlight of it all (trying to show how dull) Devin smiled at me…that
was the best thing…dull huh? The C day
before nothing really went on…I think it was the half day…spent
that, like so many others, here…what a freakin’ surprise…*grumble
grumble bitch moan* <rant> Steve never wants to do

Abyss wise, things have been going okay, I’m level 217, screwing the
wait till the tourny thing, collecting items now…kind of kewl…oh! I
was killed yet again (my rate of 15 deaths and 15 kills was
ruined…been killed twice) I’ve been out of protection for…2 days at
least, I went to go kill my alts, Devin’s idle vampire, and an online
friend’s vampire, to see (hold on…Devin signed in again…gonna go
watch.  me bored…and gone before
I could get the list up…how exciting…anyways!) if I could get
enough kills to get over my 17 death count, with the 4 I remember,
that’d make my kill count 19, I could be killed 2 times and keep my
nice ratio of more deaths or equal deaths to kills…at this rate I’ll
end up with 30 deaths in no time…might as well just do all of them on
Adonass…pfft…I’m in such a good mood…oh, I should probably put
why right? Okay, next paragraph… *hits the entery key a few times*

Wee! New line! Lol, okay…sorry…brain fart…mushy braincell hit the buglight…BZZT!
Oh, before I get to the mood, been getting some nice 70’s, 73’s, 75’s,
and an odd 93…whooptie doo, I’m not gonna get a C- in math, it’ll be
a C+! Okay…more random moments…I keep hearing rain but it’s not
friggen raining >.<‘ grr…oh yeah! Mood…right…uhh…*drool*
Becky Botello, Desiree Furry-thingier, and now, one who I was friends
with, now kind of not…kind of pissed…kind of ready to tear their
friggen heads off, Becky! (Can’t remember her last name…it’s like an
R…or P…something…B? I dunno…the fat one! ) Yeah, umm…okay,
so Beck B and Des Furry were coming out of the bathroom, saw me, I
quirked an eyebrow rolled my eyes prepaired myself mentally for what
was gonna come next…fun stuff…well, in short, Beck kept kicking my
leg and making me stumble, on the way back from lunch she did that and
stepped on my shoe, the first time it came loose, second she went
harder on it, I let go, at that point I was more than willing to give
her a piece of my mind, a nice verbal one, right in front of the main
office, person standing there and all, I asked loudly and just got
louder as it went on, “Can I have my shoe back you rotten bitch? Get
the fuck off my back!” and after that it kind of got quiet, Nicole U
was walkin’ with me, and Jill R too, I kinda lost them, Nicole was
staring at me, I let it go for a few seconds, when we finally ended up
getting back together, I resumed the normal nicey stuff…felt kinda
nice though, after I yelled I was shaking a bit…felt good though,
like you have something you wanna say, and you just keep pushing it
back, and then finally, you just bubble over and let it all out nice
and easy and quick…like the feeling ya get when you kiss somebody for
the first time, or after something really good…the only draw back was
Nicole was just kinda lookin at me like o.0 and after that I was all
stressed but hey, that rolled quite well, I didn’t really get much
today, a kick I think…Dez was trying to be all friendly I was all
and just kinda walked off quickly…I have terrible news though, that
bitch turned widdle Johny against me! (Linda Brown, for all you EFS’ers
that were there in 4th-the begining of 5th grade, the boy she was
living with, and his mom, that John…Pim-something or other…)
Johny! *tear* He’s so kewls…he trips me anyways, so it’s kind of not
surprising, just kinda mad that she made him do it…and as I was going
off the bus Dez yelled right in my ear, kind of hurt…didn’t really
matter though, just kind of let it off…didn’t do to much, I stuck my
finger in my ear and shook it, was fine after…so yah…I’ve also come
up with an idea as to why, could be wrong, but hell, it’s a
guess…their time of the month decided to coencide with the lunar
phase which is now causing them to have extream outbursts of bitchiness
that will soon lead to suspensions and my insanity…scratch that…I’m
already insane…ehh…good idea though. Well…I’m out…later…


2 thoughts on “

  1. i wish i’d get a C+ in math. my average right now is a 55

    not even joking 😐

  2. 0.0 Wow! Heh, that’s why I refuse to take advanced classes, sorry to hear the 55 average, Diffley really sucks as a math teacher doesn’t he?! >.<‘ Cambra’s just annoying, but you learn stuff…probably why he’s so good, he’s like a freakin’ broken record…him and Lapre…it’s like they never register that they already said something… *poke* 😀

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