Devin’s Myspace is weird and Kyra’s a spaz…umm…I was gonna put something else too…

Vampress is level 226 as of now, she died because I wasn’t watching her
health earlier, annnnd…that’s it…if I remember what I wanted to say
I’ll put it here later…


4 thoughts on “

  1. Vitamin C? thats some old shiz

  2. I know…gawd…I remember when she was on the Amanda Show…-.-‘ and All That…*reminices* Goood times…back when I was even shorter shiz! XD

  3. shorter?? woah.
    vitamin c, that song “graduation” was the song  the 5th grade at my school ALWAYS sang before they went to middle

  4. Wow, for us, we sung a song from the Winnie the Pooh movie, the one that went something like “If you feel lost and far from home you’re never alone you know just think of your friends the ones who care who’ll always be waiting there with love to share, and your heart will lead you home”…made my teacher cry…I’ve never seen a teacher cry before (well, I pissed one off to almost tears once…she just kept screaming and yelling and yelling and I still couldn’t pay attention…second grade…stressing year, I got to stay home for 37 days total…) But yeh…>.<‘ and next year, we be thinkin’ of this song as we part for different high schools…this time’ll be tougher, more people will leave for different schools…*sigh* depressing…

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