For IRL, not to much is going on…oh, Joey’s mad at me 😦 that sucks…umm…ooh, before I forget, the next half day is I think next Thursday…umm…uhh…Oh! I bombed my midterms, I got D’s in every subject I think (got a 60 in language, 66 in math, I had to have gotten a D in history because he read off the C’s and B’s, I wasn’t read off, I obviosly got a D, as for Science, I dunno…I think I did pretty well, I remembered most of that stuff, except for the dinosaur crap, I never got taught that :()

As for Vampress, she had a companion! Athrun Zala…for about 2 days, I participated in killing him and Steel, and I killed Sakura because she was low, aaaaand I lost respect and there was a whole thing and yeah…oh, and now he’s even more pissed! I killed The Dragon, after Dumbass had a duel with it and lost, it was regaining strength or whatever, I didn’t know, I stalked it and killed it, and he bitched at me then I bitched at him and now I’m waiting for my warnings for bitching at hiim and for his retaliation…can’t wait, may be able to get that prick finally banned…Adonis, if you’re reading this, you deserve to be banned you vile cock sucking fuck wad…*has a delusional moment* umm…yeah…


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