Weeeeeeeeeelll, lookie who surfaced, ME! ^.^’ Anybody miss me? Doubt it…I got a Myspace, shoot me now…I finally made the leap to Myspace, no blog yet tho, hopefully I’ll never have one. <.<‘ Oh dear, I’m becoming a Myspace mutant…first to see a friend’s profile, then to harass Jojo, now as something to practice coding on, I swear I’m gonna end up hooked…not much IRL has been going on. Tomorow is a feildtrip to the Ecotarium in…somewhere, I’m going…umm…oh! Last week was April Vacation, I did absolutly nothing really, but I did go to the mall with Steve Saturday and Friday afternoon I hung out at his house and we went to the VFW and played little waiters and I made $6.25 in tips…ahh, I have to go, I’ll have to post the rest tomorow or this weekend or whatever…



Devin’s been drawing on my folder a lot more frequently lately, it’s nice to have it changing instead of it being kind of static for months on end. Joey’s got to be sick of me by now, and I’m so proud…life is pretty damn good concidering all the MCAS crap last week, the essay on Daniel Handler, and all the other stress added on top due to MCAS…life is good…I hit Cory Mitchel in reading Friday…he’s afraid of me…every time I lurched he skittered forward in his seat. I have to work on my straight face, he acts like a wicked retard when he was I guess trying to psych me out… Good luck to him on that, I got no clue where he’s gonna get with it but I doubt he’ll get very far at the rate he was going. We switched reading classes today, we’re in Spargo’s reading class now. Hopefully MCAS will crush out time for the plays, we’re doing Greek mythology…I bet’cha George LOVED her reading class, he’s good with Greek stuff…the pizza shop’s up, had a mini fire some time last week. I guess everything’s alright. Last C day and this C day I sat near Devin and Joey, I’ve finally annoyed the hell out of Joey, I’m so proud of me!! ^.^ (whoa I just said that o.0 oh well…) and so is life.

Vampress has 68 kills, is pretty good, aaaaand yah…can’t wait to go on the next killspree. Garenteed as soon as the one month “enforced” non-interaction between the Denali and the True Blood Malkavians is over, everybody knows there’s gonna be an all out brawl…I mean freakin’ serious…some Denali *cough-Hunter Gavigan-cough* have unmarked alts, and now we’re getting bitched at for not knowing…they keep going to the mods for it when they aren’t even bloody marked as a Denali/Denali alt! At least all the TBM alts are marked for the most part! The mods have to be sick of this by now, we’re probably getting on their nerves with all this crap. I can’t wait to see what may happen next, whether it effects Vamp or not. I know this enforced crap isn’t gonna solve the problems. As soon as we get the okays to go back to our normal lives there’s gonna be some serious fricken war/battle time…all I can say is Vampress has her shimmering belt +1, cloak of Taranis, and all the best armours lined up and waiting on her back. She’s still very exposed, but she’s suited best for a sorc. There isn’t any other armour that would max her defence more than it is now. Well…defence yes, but over all defence no. Belt of Defence +1 isn’t enough, not enough DR…she has a shimmering belt +1 now that gives more DR (I think 3% more I think over the  %3 on the belt of defence +1. Looking at both belts the shimmering belt is more “defencive” than the actual defence belt Kind of funny when you think about it…)