Weeeeeeeeeelll, lookie who surfaced, ME! ^.^’ Anybody miss me? Doubt it…I got a Myspace, shoot me now…I finally made the leap to Myspace, no blog yet tho, hopefully I’ll never have one. <.<‘ Oh dear, I’m becoming a Myspace mutant…first to see a friend’s profile, then to harass Jojo, now as something to practice coding on, I swear I’m gonna end up hooked…not much IRL has been going on. Tomorow is a feildtrip to the Ecotarium in…somewhere, I’m going…umm…oh! Last week was April Vacation, I did absolutly nothing really, but I did go to the mall with Steve Saturday and Friday afternoon I hung out at his house and we went to the VFW and played little waiters and I made $6.25 in tips…ahh, I have to go, I’ll have to post the rest tomorow or this weekend or whatever…



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