Ahhh where to begin? Well, I can start with MCAS, that officially ended last week, science was kind of easy, except for some stupid sneaker problem, it was confuzzling…the math was long, I know I got a good portion of the open responce wrong, some parts I just left blank because I just didn’t get it…I feel dumb.

Not much has been going on, for the spring concert we played this one song, Jericho (wow sounds familiar doesn’t it? LOL!) and it SUCKED…it was this swing beat, for flutes there was this scale like part, it was really hard to play, you went up one note then back down to the previous note, then up a note higher than the one played up the first time, then down to the note prior and so on, it was really confusing, it would’ve been easier for half the flutes to play one note lower and the other half to play the higher set, it’d have sounded better too. The memorial day parade sucked…there was this girl, Jaime, OMG I thought she was a guy, I felt soooo bad when she told me! >.<‘ I feel horrible, she’s really really nice though. I think I remember her from 5th grade bandmania, her and a friend of hers wouldn’t shut up…it sounds vaguely familiar, but I’m not sure. I know it had to be 5th grade, I saw her and she’s a grade lower than me (apparently she’s in 7th, I thought she was in 6th…I feel horrible, I’m so mean! My head was in the clouds though…allergies yet again…their really bad this year, but at least my eyes don’t swell lots and hurt like crazy, it’s just sniffly stuff)

Finals are next week, I can’t remember the order, then the week after I’m out of school! The 13th is field trips, 14th is graduation, 15th I’m out!! YAY! ^_^ Can’t wait…Steve’s going w/Nicole to the dance after graduation apparently, it’d be cute to see…hmmm…god I feel dumb, I can’t think of anything else! BAH! Gotta go to bed, nighty night peoples! 🙂