Tigger died this morning, my mom found him dead under the pink stair, she fed Blobagus and Tigger wouldn’t wake up, we’re going to bury him in the usual spot in the backyard near the rose of sharron bush. We have Blobagus in a box on my desk so we can clean the cage just incase Tig was sick. Poor Tig!

❤ in loving memory of Tiny Tigger

RIP May 2005-July 26th, 2006


PS: I forgot some stuff on Vampress’ part. ^_^ Vampress is now a moderator for the Chaos Legion, she got her 7th warning for Seebs being stupid and back in May he healed Vamp using Shaddy (he forgot to get into Snypes instead of Shad >.<) so shad’s reset, Vamp’s down from level +53 to level +37, I haven’t trained yet because I haven’t been POTD and we may be awaiting a hit sometime soon. God knows when that’d be though. I may train her today or tomorow pending time and what not. Shaddy’s doing alright, she’s level 40 with medium and minor heal, I decided not to get cure quite yet though. Vampress <3’s Athrun aaand that’s life! I may be getting Dark Crystal’s 255 cleric soon. Can’t wait to see who gets her, well that’s it for now. ^_^ ❤ Peace!

~Vampress/Shadowess/Soon perhaps Dark Crystal.


And now for a real entry! YAY! UPDATES!! ZOMG…okay I’m done, onto the goods

YES I graduated 8th grade, I’m going to the local high school,
NO I DIDN’T EAT DEVIN’S HEAD OFF…just a little nibble…hehehe, this is going to end horribly you realize this right? Oh by the way, for the zillionth time, I DIDN’T STAY IN CHORUS FOR 3 YEARS, I WAS IN FOR 2, I DROPPED IT THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL (b day) FOR STUDY WHICH I NEEDED MORE. I got a chorus award and a band award. ^_^ Yay for me! Ummm…lets see…OH! Netmeeting=KEWL! Uhh…umm…I ❤ making banners! ^_^ I made a new acidy green one, it’s so pretty, I love the text effect I did, I want to make a semi-matching avatar too, I can’t decide on a good text or a text effect though. I’m thinking black with a lime green stroke with a glow of the same lime green, it’d create a cute effect, but my problem is getting it to BLEND, I’m sick of the stick out like a dumb thumb thing, it looked kinda retarded anyways. I’m trying to create a “T.O.X.I.C.” theme for Vamp, just being a dangerous blue isn’t enough anymore. ^_^ Here’s the banner, I personally like it, but whether you do is a dif story.


Well, peace for now, I’m gonna go play with my new “Slave” (Male slave auction was this week, I bought Athrun Zala for 125k, I gave half to him of course, half to Jill, I believe someone else did too, she has lots of BB. ^_^ I love that it’s both a fun raiser and a GREAT RP experiance for newbs. We had a record 33 men this year, plus Dread who’s RP character is male, it was pretty damn cool)

Loving my Affy
Holding those who matter closest
A True Blood Malkavian for life

PS: Arcane proposed to Vamp, he bid for Shadowess on Lord Gabrial, and Shaddy kicked his ear ^_^’ GO TINKIE-sized Shadowess! W00tS! ^.^ Weehoo!