And now for a real entry! YAY! UPDATES!! ZOMG…okay I’m done, onto the goods

YES I graduated 8th grade, I’m going to the local high school,
NO I DIDN’T EAT DEVIN’S HEAD OFF…just a little nibble…hehehe, this is going to end horribly you realize this right? Oh by the way, for the zillionth time, I DIDN’T STAY IN CHORUS FOR 3 YEARS, I WAS IN FOR 2, I DROPPED IT THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL (b day) FOR STUDY WHICH I NEEDED MORE. I got a chorus award and a band award. ^_^ Yay for me! Ummm…lets see…OH! Netmeeting=KEWL! Uhh…umm…I ❤ making banners! ^_^ I made a new acidy green one, it’s so pretty, I love the text effect I did, I want to make a semi-matching avatar too, I can’t decide on a good text or a text effect though. I’m thinking black with a lime green stroke with a glow of the same lime green, it’d create a cute effect, but my problem is getting it to BLEND, I’m sick of the stick out like a dumb thumb thing, it looked kinda retarded anyways. I’m trying to create a “T.O.X.I.C.” theme for Vamp, just being a dangerous blue isn’t enough anymore. ^_^ Here’s the banner, I personally like it, but whether you do is a dif story.

Well, peace for now, I’m gonna go play with my new “Slave” (Male slave auction was this week, I bought Athrun Zala for 125k, I gave half to him of course, half to Jill, I believe someone else did too, she has lots of BB. ^_^ I love that it’s both a fun raiser and a GREAT RP experiance for newbs. We had a record 33 men this year, plus Dread who’s RP character is male, it was pretty damn cool)

Loving my Affy
Holding those who matter closest
A True Blood Malkavian for life

PS: Arcane proposed to Vamp, he bid for Shadowess on Lord Gabrial, and Shaddy kicked his ear ^_^’ GO TINKIE-sized Shadowess! W00tS! ^.^ Weehoo!


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