Lots has gone on, but not much has really made a huge impact…

I guess band has though…I really like band, we did this gig for the Medeiro club, we got paid like 200$ or something like that for 4 songs. But what I really have to comment on is Justine (friend in band) Goulart (really cool), Ross (okay maybe not so much), Rose (Flute now!!), and the football games…First Justine…she’s a senior, she’s awesome…no other way to say it, Justine is VERY cool…ummm…yeah, Goulart’s awesome…I taught him how to play the polka and now I can play it on the sax (YAY!) Remember…C G C G C G C D E F G C G C G C G  ^_^ it’s awesome…infuriating though sometimes…on the bus going to the Medeiro club I actually jumped behind him and taught him how to play it, I’m a horrible instructor, but I got it to work.   You could say I like him, but honestly idk…I’d see us more as friends personally. Even that’s iffy…I barely talk to him out of band, I can’t blame him though, I am a pain in the ass to deal with sometimes. But I do buy him popcorn damn it, he should be happy I’m such a pain right? Oh well…OMG, he had Starburst right? He threw one to me, it ended up in my bra strap…can you imagine how hard it’d have been if he actualy tried that? ROFL! I swear I’ll make fun of him for that until the day I die…Now Ross…he’s kewl…he fell off the risers and probably really hurt himself…sad but true, I can’t laugh because that probably really REALLY hurt. But he’s kewlies…idk…I just had to include it…then there’s Rose, she’s not playing oboe in marching band because there aren’t many oboe parts to play…ummm…and then there’s the football games which rock. Goulart sits in back of me, Rose sits to the right, Justine on the left, and Ross…idk where he is, he’s kinda here and there…and it’s a LOT of fun. It may be freezing to sit there the way we do but ohhh I love it!  I’m such a band geek, I love it though! Football games are SO much fun, we take off our rediculous hat (or at least I do) and I keep my phone, music, money, and possibly camera and I lean back and put my arm on Goulart’s knee when we’re not playing and drive him crazy and basically have a good time. I love doing that. I feel like such a dirty flirt but quite honestly I don’t intend it to be like that, he just makes an awesome armrest I guess I just like the social activity of the football games, and just jamming out for the hell of it.

Lets all sing Tequila so Ross can get it stuck in his head again and we can make Goulart dance!! Da dadada da da da da dada…

In other news, I started dating “The Hig” on 10/10 and dumped him this afternoon (arne’t I a bitch?) Idk why I did but I did…and yeah…guilty as hell but…ehh


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