Wowzie, I haven’t used this in forever!

Lets see, where do I begin?

Subclasses for Abyss came out May 12th, 2007, Shadowella {Shadowess actually, my alt} hit 255 on the 11th {that’s how I remember the date} and I was the first complete Warlock, and Sorcerer-Unholy Priest…go me! Anywhoo, Abyss has changed a LOT. Dread came back and left {awwwww! I started liking her again, she was awesome, she handled Denali awesomely.} annnnd tons of things went down. Denali is no longer a real functioning group, TBM is growing stronger every day, and I’m kicking back currently at 76+ watching the newbies rise and drown. I have 5,822 posts, rising more each day, and yeah…loving it. I have 148 kills, 81 deaths, and an awesome track record for hits. 🙂 Abyss Beta is in testing phase and it sucks, so far every class has been stripped of its high points {if any} yet some how the monk class {thanks to Astarte, the newb who came in suggesting and making HUGE changes to Abyss. I think Astarte should get a good whacking and then knocked off but whatever. }

Lets see…I started dating Ethan {G, the tall one with the long hair} October 28th, 2006, and it ended August 28th, 2007. Exactly 10 months, hours away from 10 months actually. But yeah, reasons are known, 3 weeks without contact in July from the 4th to…some time or whatever, and then bam, I was pissed, stuff happened, annnd yeah, I broke up with him after the first day of school. And on August 29th, I started dating Cam Souza, and for the record, no, he’s not gay.

Last year was awesome, band ruled, and I really miss Justine and the seniors that graduated last year. This year Bert {our star trumpetist} will graduate, which sucks, and a few others including our best drummer, a flute, and I believe one or two of the clarinets, a saxaphone, and one other trumpet. But yeah, we’ll live. This year we may not have a good trip, due to money issues and such. Last year we went to Philladelphia, and I got to go at the last minute because Sarah {a clarinet} failed and couldn’t go. I had a blast, it was freaking awesome, and there was a TON of drama, jokes, laughs and sad moments.

On the whole, last year was pretty good, I met Marc {16 year old from Florida, fell in love with him and miss him dearly} dated someone pretty awesome {Ethan}, made some good friends {Marc obviously, Goulart, Ross, Meg, Justine, and Grinnell} annnnd…learned a lot. =) ❤ Sophomore year isn’t so great, but I’ll live. I’m sure there’ll be a ton of fun in the future. {Including Nick, Cam, and his friends. :smile:}

Until next time, love and peace. 🙂
~Vampie DeChaos AKA Chelsea