In The Beginning…

Saw a prompt to create a creation myth, and while I would love to spend an hour or two creating one I’d much rather spend a shorter period explaining the beginning of my more powerful alter ego who I have been writing for almost ten years in July.

Today, I give the world what I hope to be the whole story of Vampressa DeChaos.


The streets of Raven Black’s city were quiet that night, just as they always were in those days. The disarming song and dance of a handsome young ‘pire had brought yet another helpless female to a false sense of security, and then it happened. A scream rings out, shortly later his smooth voice welcoming her to hell.

She had been a lonely creature. Locked away in halls of ancient scrolls, manuscripts, holy texts, scientific papers, legal documents, she would read anything she could get her hands on. She read from morning until night, a true bibliophile in every right. She craved adventure but went never left the safety of her little city. But late one morning she came across the bindings of two books that were slightly askew from being propped up by an unseen piece of something shoved into the back of the bookcase. Pulling both books down a piece of parchment which had been crammed between the books fell to the floor. She stooped and placed the books on her lap as she picked up the paper and opened it up. “The Library is at Fear at 56th today.” Turning the piece over there was very fine handwriting at the bottom that said “Saturday” and had an incomprehensible set of numbers beside it.

“Fear and 56th?” She asked in a whisper. She turned the paper over again and again, it was a rather old looking piece but still rather unremarkable. Perplexed, she thought about where she lived. No streets in the city were named Fear, nor was there a 56th street to speak of. Looking out the window and into the early morning light a rabbit stood on edge at the end of the clearing beside her beloved library. The rabbit stood frozen looking far off into the trees and suddenly dashed away in the opposite direction. She furrowed her brows and looked in the same direction. There was nothing to be seen, so she moved on.

Tossing the scrap of paper on the table, she placed the books back in their original spots, and went back to where she left off the day before. A quiet morning faded to a quiet, rainy afternoon, and soon it became a drizzly early evening. The rabbit was back. It stood under a low hanging bough of white wild roses protected from the rain. It looked from the window to the tree line again, visibly shaking.

Just then the door to the great library swung open and the smell of rain and roses filled the room.

In a wavering voice the young woman calls across the vast room. “Who’s visiting the lord’s library at this hour? Don’t come looking for handouts, I am no giver of such charity.”



I’m going to cut it here because this matches the RBC to Abyss transition I want, but Peloidra and Vampressa are directly descended from and have known the gods themselves…it’s hard matching human history with these characters. When I started writing I took Abyss to be something of a late 17th century into the 18th century with some 13th and 14th century “magik” if you will set in something that you’d find in Dracula-esque fare. If you were to step outside of the “vampire” theme I would imagine there would be gypsies, merchants with carts, and an agora-type establishment that is the humans’ social scene during the day and at night the monsters come to play.

A more modern take on this arrangement would be something similar to the city of Sims 3 Nightlife, vampires and such running around at night in clubs, immortal, burning in sunlight, sleeping during the day but not entirely helpless if they are indoors. Ancient times to me would be something of our own collective spin on the Greek legends. Vampressa being a fledgling student of a middle-aged Taranis and Peloidra being equal his age, a god in his own right. Medea (Abyss’s own Medea mind you) being the goddess of vampire sorcery and this Taranis as being the vampire god of sorcerers and lightning magic. The “human” versions are rife with inaccuracies meanwhile the likes of us oldies (who have essentially been writing this for the last decade) can recount the real tails and summon the actual gods through various forms of channeling and necromancy. I think the general premise is that all of the gods coexisted in roughly the same time period and any and all of them are real and can be part of our stories.

In the version of Vampressa’s story that aligns with the gods that have been (somewhat) recently introduced, I do not quite know how her vampirism came to exist, unless I stipulate that when Zeus (or whoever) made the vampires Vampressa was one of the children of the gods and their…whatever else. In this version I imagine Peloidra being the father and tutor. The king to her princess. The god of all of us chaotic weirdos would have to be Loki, that’s been well established. Then there’s Damia probably with the label of supreme queen of chaos. Adonis, Akasha, Medea, Lorelai, Succubus, and all the others would have to be settled somehow in their own rights. I would have to take for granted that I do not have their own creation stories or timelines and technically if any one of those characters chose not to be one of the “original gods” or whatever, Vampressa’s line would be thrown off. I feel as though I’m writing a very indepth supporting character. But anyway, to briefly write up Vampressa’s “godly” story.


Vampressa DeChaos, born into the family of the supreme sorcerers.

Taranis – Grandfather? Great grandfather?

Peloidra – Father (given)

Mother – ?

Damia – Mother figure (later)

Medea – Grandmother/great grandmother (she and Taranis form the top of the sorc tree)

Peloidra brings Vampressa into the world of vampires, teaches her basic skills, and allows her to basically fend for herself in the end. No two ways about it. After years of gaining power on her own she brings her talents to many different clans gaining power and priceless knowledge to the battle field. She takes on the name “DeChaos” as she is the vampire princess of chaos…


Okay, I hate her name, but there’s no real changing it now. I like the name Taliari, but nobody will switch to that. Only if I move her elsewhere. I’d name her something like Taliari Shakai or Taliari Destino…maybe…I don’t even know. I like the ring of Destino but Shakai refers more to Vamp’s real “creator.”


Anyway, time to get back to the real world.

♪ Little Chels signing off

Wowzie, I haven’t used this in forever!

Lets see, where do I begin?

Subclasses for Abyss came out May 12th, 2007, Shadowella {Shadowess actually, my alt} hit 255 on the 11th {that’s how I remember the date} and I was the first complete Warlock, and Sorcerer-Unholy Priest…go me! Anywhoo, Abyss has changed a LOT. Dread came back and left {awwwww! I started liking her again, she was awesome, she handled Denali awesomely.} annnnd tons of things went down. Denali is no longer a real functioning group, TBM is growing stronger every day, and I’m kicking back currently at 76+ watching the newbies rise and drown. I have 5,822 posts, rising more each day, and yeah…loving it. I have 148 kills, 81 deaths, and an awesome track record for hits. 🙂 Abyss Beta is in testing phase and it sucks, so far every class has been stripped of its high points {if any} yet some how the monk class {thanks to Astarte, the newb who came in suggesting and making HUGE changes to Abyss. I think Astarte should get a good whacking and then knocked off but whatever. }

Lets see…I started dating Ethan {G, the tall one with the long hair} October 28th, 2006, and it ended August 28th, 2007. Exactly 10 months, hours away from 10 months actually. But yeah, reasons are known, 3 weeks without contact in July from the 4th to…some time or whatever, and then bam, I was pissed, stuff happened, annnd yeah, I broke up with him after the first day of school. And on August 29th, I started dating Cam Souza, and for the record, no, he’s not gay.

Last year was awesome, band ruled, and I really miss Justine and the seniors that graduated last year. This year Bert {our star trumpetist} will graduate, which sucks, and a few others including our best drummer, a flute, and I believe one or two of the clarinets, a saxaphone, and one other trumpet. But yeah, we’ll live. This year we may not have a good trip, due to money issues and such. Last year we went to Philladelphia, and I got to go at the last minute because Sarah {a clarinet} failed and couldn’t go. I had a blast, it was freaking awesome, and there was a TON of drama, jokes, laughs and sad moments.

On the whole, last year was pretty good, I met Marc {16 year old from Florida, fell in love with him and miss him dearly} dated someone pretty awesome {Ethan}, made some good friends {Marc obviously, Goulart, Ross, Meg, Justine, and Grinnell} annnnd…learned a lot. =) ❤ Sophomore year isn’t so great, but I’ll live. I’m sure there’ll be a ton of fun in the future. {Including Nick, Cam, and his friends. :smile:}

Until next time, love and peace. 🙂
~Vampie DeChaos AKA Chelsea



[02:35 Today] Mephisto used a Morning Star, but missed.
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[02:22 Today] Chronos used a Boulder Staff, but missed.
[02:19 Today] Xandria used Talos’ Morning Star on you, causing 286 damage.
[02:19 Today] Suraya used a Morning Star, but missed.

The entire damn family, not ONE could kill me…I think Steel’s is priceless, I had 34 HP when I came on that morning, 34 HP, do you realize how low I sat for how long?! FRIGGEN SICK! Kick ass though, something says that it was bugged but I think I’m glad.

Ehh, I’m done now…to work on website! Weeeee!! Awaaaay!!

I officially hate Myspace…

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t sign you out when you click the little sign-out thingie, it looks like I’m constantly on. T_T

Pepper died 9/6/06, may she rest in peace…she had wet tail, cause is unknown, she hadn’t been in a ball for months.

In other news…ummm…I started high school…uhh…re-met a friend from Kindergarten, got lost a few times, watched Devin fall UP stairs (really funny) and band is pretty neat…

I guess my fav class so far would be band, the people are really friggen awesome. The uniforms, shoes, and hats suck but the rest is pretty cool. I suppose the people help too, like this one senior, she’s wicked cool, I think her name’s Justine, she’s about as tall as I am, I feel taller!  I was WICKED hyper at band practice on the 7th (from 6-8 practice) and I think I kinda annoyed a lot of people…but it was fun!!! I doubt I’ll EVER have sugar before band practice again. I didn’t have that much…just a cupcake, an italian ice, and one of those cereal bars there…with the apple-cinnomon in it…I was soooo hyper.

In more other…other…news…-ish, In Health Alex C and I had a row, (yesterday) and today, we “made up”…Idk how that’s gonna help but meh…it works for me.

“Works for me
Don’t work for you?
Tough shit…”

^Quoth my mom…and she’s absolutly right.

Okay now for Vampy time!

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You caused 369 damage to Takeda Kenji.

You caused 369 damage to Takeda Kenji.

You caused 421 damage to Shakiva Akiko Yamakawa.

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You caused 372 damage to Jasmine Nightshade.

As you can see, Vamp’s been very idle, TBM is slowing down I suppose. Denali have been putting the chap on a lot lately, but yet since Ember (Lady_Steel) split off things got quiet on the DENALI front, Lachsis is in full force (her new clan groupy thingie), with Mahina, Makino, Shaviko, and Kulawend

The latest hits (not so many, stuff’s been slow…)

[23:34 Yesterday] Kulawend used Talos’ Morning Star on you, causing 318 damage.
[23:34 Yesterday] Kulawend killed you!
[23:27 Yesterday] Mahina used Arlathil’s Claw on you, causing 305 damage.
[23:26 Yesterday] Shakiva Akiko Yamakawa used Shockwave on you, causing 327 damage.

[01:43 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “yeah i hope”
[01:17 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “hmm well ok… just becareful and im sure he loves you”
[01:09 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “*shakes head* nothing daddy. (ooc) ur yahoo and Msn are not letting me talk to you)”
[01:07 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “?? you wish what now dont hide your true feelings”
[01:06 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “Yeah..I guess but I wish sometimes he was …nvm”
[01:02 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “oh ok… well i guess that makes sense he is demonic..”
[01:01 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “NOOOOOO I hope not!!!!! He just isn’t one for…socialbilty”
[01:00 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “hmm so your saying all he wants is your body ??”
[00:59 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “*shrugs* he comes around when he wants me”
[00:58 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “so Light whats wrong with you and the demon boy ?”
[00:52 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “*giggles and waves* hey Daddy”
[00:51 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “*waves* hi Michelle”
[00:47 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “Michelle tell your pet he is slow lol”
[00:43 Yesterday] DarkLight Hargrave says: “Not tonight…she will be healed all night long if it takes it”
[00:34 Yesterday] Vashton successfully used a Medium Healing
[00:34 Yesterday] Vashton successfully used a Major Healing
[00:32 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 says: “oh its Michelle”
[00:30 Yesterday] Michelle Reilly used Talos’ Morning Star on you, causing 314 damage.
[00:30 Yesterday] Dark_ash_h50 successfully used a Vial of Blood
[00:29 Yesterday] Dreia used Benedict’s Vambrace on you, causing 194 damage.
[00:16 Yesterday] Leetha used Staff of Souls on you, causing 172 damage.
[00:14 Yesterday] Aryu used a Burleigh’s Bow, but missed.
[18:10 on Monday 21st] Dark_ash_h50 says: “*makes a face thinking* i could be killing Griffs…”
[18:04 on Monday 21st] Dark_ash_h50 says: “what up ?? ya called”
[17:43 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys says: “*pets kitten* thats all very nice”
[17:37 on Monday 21st] Kitten says: “That’s fine. I’m perfectly capable of waiting for HER reply.”
[17:36 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys says: “Well seeing as shes not live right now…. I think i must speak for her….”
[17:36 on Monday 21st] Kitten says: “I’m afraid you have no say in that. Me and Her. One on One.”
[17:35 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys says: “Im afriad my dear that you cant have her….”
[17:34 on Monday 21st] Kitten says: “I’m not interested in you… I want the girl.”
[17:34 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys says: “Id suggest you leave before I am forced to have some one kill you”
[17:32 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys successfully used a Medium Healing
[17:32 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys successfully used a Major Healing
[17:29 on Monday 21st] Kitten used Talos’ Morning Star on you, causing 323 damage.
[17:24 on Monday 21st] Mordant De Rhys successfully used a Major Healing

[20:14 Today] Methampheta killed you!
[20:14 Today] Methampheta used Adrianna’s Staff on you, causing 325 damage.
[20:14 Today] Russian Roulette used Talos’ Morning Star on you, causing 313 damage.
[20:13 Today] Mescaline used Arlathil’s Claw on you, causing 314 damage.

[21:11 Today] Dragomir successfully used a Major Healing
[20:25 Today] Hexie says: “The same goes for my family Peloidra! Stay away or stay from us!”
[20:24 Today] sakurayamakawa says: “pelly pelly pelly… stay away from family if you know what’s good for you.”
[20:03 Today] Hexie used Shockwave on you, causing 380 damage.
[20:03 Today] Hexie killed you!
[20:02 Today] Makino used Shockwave on you, causing 403 damage.
[19:53 Today] Jasmine Nightshade says: “I never touched your dad. I don’t think…unless he’s the one I accidentally bit instead of hitting. But don’t you think this is a bit drastic for biting? I’ve never hit anyone.”
[19:45 Today] Jasmine Nightshade says: “who the heck is your daddy? I’m lost.”

*to be continuted*